Tuesday, December 1

Take Your Best Shot

Today is World AIDS Day. A day that has never caused me to pause or ponder. It's a disease far-removed from my little world. The boys and I were given a book to read and review that has put such things in a little different perspective.

The book is not about AIDS directly. It is about reaching outside yourself and seeing the needs of others. Take Your Best Shot isn't a flat book full of pipe dream platitudes. It is a book of hope and inspiration. And the amazing part? Austin Gutwein was NINE YEARS OLD when he founded Hoops of Hope, the organization he's written about.

The organization he created raises money to care for the 20 million children who have lost their families due to the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Hoops of Hope has accomplished much:


Raised $405,000 which will be used as follows:

  • $47,000 to complete the construction of the lab in Sinazongwe.
  • $155,000 to build a completed water system in Kenya.
  • $202,000 towards the building of a second clinic in Chilala, Zambia.


Raised $211,000 and built a medical testing lab/clinic in Sinazongwe, Zambia. This clinic will keep parents alive and prevent children from becoming orphans. We were told the clinic will save an entire generation.


Raised $85,000 to help build the Jonathan Sim Legacy School in Twachiyanda, Zambia. Now, 1,000 children are able to attend school.


Raised $35,000 to care for 100 orphan children.


Raised $3,000 to care for 8 orphan children.

After watching the following video with his family, he felt a burden to DO SOMETHING and it just wouldn't leave him.

By listening to this burden and reaching out to do something, God blessed his obedience and Austin's efforts have literally saved a generation of African children. But he's done more than give them food and shelter. He's brought hope to a despairing generation. This amazing boy put it best when he said "“If AIDS is contagious and brings death, shouldn't hope be contagious and bring life?"


Christy said...

wow. I tend to think "what can I do? I am just one person" when I see pictures or video of those children. However, this CHILD was able to make a huge difference. It makes you think!

Nezzy said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary to you sweet thang'. Have a great one. Enjoy your day. Love ya MoM!

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