Wednesday, December 2

I'm a proud mama

I took pictures and blogged in my head. Let's see if I can remember what I didn't post.

Ethan takes band with the local public school. He has done very well and was chosen as one of 2 students out of the 7th grade band to represent our school in District Honor Band. This includes spending the day with all of the other district students chosen and practicing new music, which they perform as a concert that evening. Before beginning practice, they go through try-outs to see who places in what order. My Ethan placed FIRST CHAIR!!!!

I felt like a goober because the evening before, I gave him the little "even if you place last chair, it's an honor just to go" speech. Ha! See how supportive I am?

We made the drive and enjoyed his concert, but will have to remember to show up an hour early next time. We were seated at the opposite end of the gym, yielding only blurry pictures. I'm a proud mama though, so I'm sharing them anyway, fuzzy pixels and all.

See the saxophone player in the blue-grey shirt? He's not mine. But we affectionately referred to him as Fat-head for the night. My adorable, wonderful child is sitting behind him. You can see his left eye if you squint.

My little man.
And no, he was NOT the only one wearing a sweater vest.

See, this middle aged man in the audience was wearing one, too.

Completely irrelevant, but can anyone else spot a floutist in need of an intervention?

Another exciting part of the evening was a surprise director....Jerry Hoover directed the District Jazz Band. The Jerry Hoover! I thought he was dead. He directed....well, all the cool people. He's been directing since before I was born. Not dead. And still quite amazing.

Ethan patiently posed for me later.

He owns two sweater vests. I'm beginning to wonder that this might be weird.

He also owns a corduroy jacket that matches, but I had traumatic corduroy flashbacks and didn't make him wear it.

Isn't he wonderful though?

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Christy said...


I love it. I know you are a proud mama :)

By the way, Layton has that same sweater vest. I think they are adorable! Well, in your son's case HANDSOME ;)

Jessica said...

yes, he is wonderful and so is that sweater vest. where did you get it, because i MUST get one for luke!

this post made me miss band!

Jenn said...

I got it at a yardsale, but it was originally purchased by someone at Children's Place. I heart Children's Place.

Shanna said...

Very handsome, Jenn. You should be proud!

Jenni said...

Way to go Ethan! And you totally rock that sweater vest, Dude;o) Seriously, sweater vests are usually pretty dorky, but this one looks great. I'm not so sure about a corduroy jacket. It doesn't have little elbow patches, does it?

Ginger@chirgies said...

The little kids just came running to see why I was laughing so loud. Fathead, affectionately indeed. :) I'm dying! And btw, my boys own two sweater vests and I think they look spiffy! Ethan, is amazing - first chair, sweater vest, those gorgeous eyes and all!

Nezzy said...

The big 'E' looks quite handsomely preppy in his sweater vest. Isn't he the bomb? Kudos for Ike!

You have every right to pop those mama buttons.

It blows me away how this kid is a clone of his papa. Love ya and have a super day!!!

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