Thursday, December 3

Visions of Sugar Plums

We are deep in the midst of Christmas School and continuously adding to our Advent website, which explores traditions around the world. A fun resource we've had to accompany our "travels" has been an ebook cookbook entitled Visions of Sugar Plums. This book shares recipes from around the world, such as flan for when we study the Poinsetta and Mexico!


The book comes from Lizzie at A Dusty Frame and costs $7.00. For me, this is a bit steep as it is comparable to many hardback recipe books. However, this does have the convenience of allowing you to print whichever recipe you want instead of the whole thing at once and the fact that it is with you forever and won't be ruined because you happen leave it on a hot burner or spill tomato sauce all over it. Ah! The beauty of ebooks!

The book contains clearly written recipes along with quotes and Christmas sayings. There are also fun Christmas tradition and decorating ideas tucked in. The main text is written with a red font, which I thought might throw me when I saw it on the screen. However, once printed, it reads beautifully and I had no problems with it at all. Definitely an Advent treat!

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