Monday, December 14

We have a new game!

We are huge fans of games in our house. The boys are at such a great age for really getting in and understanding more challenging games. Though this new game is simple enough for anyone to play, as long as they are able to read. It's called Brain Box and it was sent to us from Timberdoodle to share our thoughts on. Our thoughts are: It's FUN!

There are several different brain boxes available, including Brainbox Animals, Brainbox US Presidents, Brainbox USA, Brainbox World, and for non-readers: My First Brainbox

For each game, the rules are basically the same: One player draws a card and has 10 seconds to examine it. They immediately roll the die and another player asks a question corresponding to the die number cast. The player is not allowed to look at the card and has to rely on memory. If the player gives the correct answer, he gets to keep the card. If not, it returns to the back of the deck. There are 8 different questions with our kit, guaranteeing a long time before anyone gets tired of the game here at our house.

We received Brainbox World to review. Questions can be as basic as "What color is the cross on this country's flag?" or as random as "How many olives are on the branch shown?"

I love that they are getting great geography lessons in while having fun. I'm even learning with them! Last night, I had the question, "What is the smallest country bordering Switzerland?" I said Austria, know, it's small. However, there was a tiny dot of a country that I hadn't even noticed. And now I know. The smallest country bordering Switzerland is Liechtenstein. And Joel knows too, because he got to look it up and check my answer. There is no answer key. The player checking you has to look at the front of the card to find the answer for themselves.

I also love that the game is quick! We play after supper before dishes are even cleared. Since each player is timed, there is no waiting on anyone to pay attention or hurry-up-and-finish-your-turn-already!

There is no game board, so the game takes up hardly any space and can be played anywhere. We are definitely taking this with us on road trips!

Another fun addition to our package was the Hot Rocket. It's like a Nerf rocket with a thick rubber band threaded through it. It can fly up to 100 feet! Fun for boys of any age.

If you place any order by 12/21/09, you can receive a free Hot Rocket if you use coupon code "WFREEROCKET"

The "W" is to mark that you were referred by my blog. I don't receive any compensation for reviews, so rest assured my opinions on Timberdoodle products are quite sincere. But I would love for them to know that their blog campaign is working, so be sure to toss a hot rocket into your cart and use the code. Even if you don't think you need a hot rocket, I promise you have a neighbor that would love one.

Timberdoodle has guaranteed Christmas arrival shipping available and even has a great gift guide video to show you things you might not have thought of before.

And don't forget....they send stickers.


Nezzy said...

I'll send out the neighborhood warnings for ya'll. I can see two houses at war with these cool rockets! The game sounds too go to be true. Fun and a days worth of school stuffed into one compact box! Life is good!!!

Speaking of, I have bowl of rich dark creamy ganosh relaxing in my 'frig...know what that means Miss Jenn? Close you eyes...MMMMmmmm. Yep, today truffles will be born.

Have a great day, love ya.....

Andrea said...

You always get to review the coolest stuff! The Brain Boxes look so neat - nice, compact, and reinforce what we are learning in school. (Jackson is getting ready to start history, which will include states and presidents!)

Those rockets look neat too. The boys had one that was similiar, not Nerf of course, and it didn't last long. You'll have to let me know how the Nerf one holds up!

Christy said...

There are several items that I have been eyeing in their catalog-Laura Grace loves those KUMON workbooks. I think I will order them now for the free rocket :) She will have a blast pelting her brother I am sure!

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