Friday, December 11


Taking pictures of Honor is still an interesting experience. Basically, we just keep clicking away and pray for the best. Praise the Lord for digital cameras.

When I told her it was her turn, she 'walked' over to me like Baloo the Bear.
I don't recall the child ever watching Jungle Book, but apparently we've picked it up somewhere.

How does she bend like that??

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Nezzy said...

Fess up Friday: She has watched it a couple times here!

Isn't she just precious sugar in a bowl????

Ya'll have a super day, Love ya!!!

Christy said...

um. honor and laura grace were apparently made from the same mold. wow.

Love the pictures :)

Andrea said...

ROFL! How can you not just LOVE HER?! Leave it to Honor to keep us entertained. :o)

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