Monday, January 25

Audio Finds!

Awesome moms on The Well Trained Mind forums shared links to some incredible audio files for children....FREE! I remember enjoying several of these on my little Fisher Price record player. Anyone else remember these? Anyone remember the tingling bells sound that alerted you it was time to turn the page? I LOVED those stories! These save as mp3 files and are easily added to your audio library and burnt on cd's for those road trips or evening coloring book sessions.

Here are the links:



Ginger@chirgies said...

I LOVE this stuff! I've converted about half of the records I had as a kid to CD, and we love them. So good for those imaginations to get some action.

Thanks so much for the links!

Nezzy said...

Do I remember these? Heeheehe, honey I remember red vinyl 45's with songs like the Big Rock Candy Mountain as a kid, many...many..moons ago.

I have always thought that Fisher Price rocks! Have a great day, love ya :o)

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