Friday, January 22

Our Secret Hide-out

I am sitting in a hotel room. Alone. It is oh-so deliciously quiet. Chris and the kids are swimming while I enjoy nothingness for an hour. I've turned on every light in every room and cranked up the heat to a balmy 75 degrees. There will be no cooking. No cleaning. No bed-making. I'm in heaven. Don't misunderstand; I love serving my family. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate respite.

We packed the kids bags after they went to bed last night. We hid the suitcases in the car and then started the next day like any other. We burnt oatmeal, did laundry, did our reading...but right around the time that I tell them to go grab their books, I instead told them to grab their shoes and head to the van. We drove to S-town and took them shopping for socks because we couldn't find any boy socks to pack that didn't have holes. Next, we hit the library. The kids thought the entire trip was for socks and the library. While we did have a blast, we had more in store for them. Rather than head home after this, we stopped at Wacky World. Have you heard of this? The place was a BLAST! And cheap. For $5.00 per kid, you can spend the entire day jumping and running through inflatables indoors. Parents are welcome to jump for free or enjoy the free coffee lounge featuring Yogi Bear cartoons and People magazines. We enjoyed all of .the above.

After the kids exhausted themselves, we piled back into the van to "head home". The requested drinks for the trip and we promised to stop "somewhere". The somewhere was Drury Inn. Free sodas and popcorn. Free dinner. Free breakfast buffet. Jacuzzi tub in the room. Indoor pool for hours of fun. If you are ever hunting for a hotel, I can't recommend Drury's highly enough. Look online for their eSaver rates. It's their cheapest listing, even on short notice.

My family must be so goofy for enjoying this as much as we do, but Drury rings our bell like nothing else. Someday, I really must remember to tape record their reactions each time we open the door to a hotel room. It's like something out of Extreme Makeover. Every time.

This time, we opted for a suite and the kids can't stop exclaiming over the fact that our hotel room has rooms in it. After having an hour to acclimate, Honor still couldn't stop squealing. "Did you SEE the bathtub?!?" She walks around wide-eyed and goofy-grinned saying "This is the best vacation EVER." She did the splits in the bathroom to express her joy.

Sarah and Joel climbed in the armoire. They are enjoying this so much. Too much? Yes, my children look like hicks that have never seen a lobby chandelier before, but they look like that every time they see a hotel. And I'm right there with them. I am just as tickled as they are. I just hide it better.


Nezzy said...

Have a great time and do something really wild and crazy in my name. 'K?'

Love ya'll :o)

Ginger@chirgies said...

Oh, you're crackin' me up! Relax and Enjoy, girlfriend.

Anna Lefler said...

Heavenly! (And love the photos...)


:-D Anna

Jessica said...

i love that you surprised them with all this--i want to do that with our kids someday. we were just talking about this the other day--how making memories is so much more important than buying them stuff.

i miss you. and i'm glad you're blogging again. :)

Andrea said...

Hey, around here hotels are THE BEST! Especially the ones with indoor pools... in JANUARY! WHOOHOO!!

Wacky World is the best. I let it kick my rear one day... It was fun racing the kids. lol

Glad you're having fun!

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