Monday, February 15

Feel the Burn

There is currently snow in all 50 states. I didn't realize until this year that snow in Hawaii isn't an oddity, due to the mountains. You can ski up top and surf down below all on the same day.

But if you've read NASA's sunspot count over the last couple of years, you've had to wonder if cooler temps weren't coming. It's to be expected when you're in deep solar minimum. Here is an explanation of how that works. So, if we experience cooling with solar minimum, what should we expect out of a solar maximum? Something to ponder.

I had to chuckle at this article this morning. This poor man is taking the fall for the lack of sufficient data to prove global warming....all because he can't keep his office tidy. Yes, he alone holds the data. No one made any copies. And now, it may never be found because he has a chronic case of the messies.

"Professor Jones criticised those who complained he had not shared his data with them, saying they could always collate their own from publicly available material in the US."

Good thought! And where exactly does such data come from? Why, it comes from strategically placed temperature sensors! Great pictures of those sensors found here . (I laughed and I laughed.)

Apparently, man-made global warming is not so unequivocal as originally stated.


Nezzy said...

I heard 49 states but Hawaii was hit too? Yep, it's gotta be the global warmming.

Have a fantastic day, Love ya! :o)

Jenn said...

Well, Hawaii wasn't "hit" really. It's a regular thing on the mountain top.

Lawanda said...

That's cool!!! Literally!! :)

And I chuckled at those articles too. :-p

Christy said...

that made my day, I am watching snow fall right now :)

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