Tuesday, February 9

It's been a week. Guess what I forgot?

Even after blogging about it, I completely forgot about antibiotics after day 5.

The girls are running around and back to their old selves. Honor had a clever moment of playing sick yesterday, but happily, it was short-lived.

I sent her to clean her room and she instantly developed a stomach ache. Not only did she have a stomach ache; she turned pale, went slack-jawed, and managed to droop her eyelids while holding her stomach and trudging up the hallway. It was quite convincing. I insisted she was making it up because the timing was too perfect and made her clean her room anyway. Several times she walked by to put things away and managed to look quite miserable. I was seriously second-guessing myself by the time she finally finished. Truly, how can a child make herself go pale?

Upon completion, she said that she felt somewhat better. I had promised cookies once everyone finished their chores and Honor began to clamber off my lap to head to the kitchen. I stopped her and said "Oh, no, no. Sorry, darling, but sick little girls don't need to eat sweets." She insisted she was feeling much better and I insisted her illness was too recent to risk it.

"But...but!...but I was LYING!" she said.


How she felt this helped her case, I'm not sure, but she did not eat cookies. I held her as she cried over her sin. Joel moved his lips over her shoulder to silently say to me: "Oh, that's baaaaad." And then, "Wait - can I have hers?"


Lawanda said...

LOL! KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nezzy said...

Every day needs just a little drama thrown in the mix. Heeehehhe!

Have a terrific day~~~love ya!

Andrea said...

ROFL! Now that is seriously funny! (Well, not the lying part... the "Wait, can I have hers?" part.) :)

Ginger@chirgies said...

Oh those little stinkers! How do they do it? Thanks for keepin' it real...glad I'm not the only 'mean' mom around. :)

Anonymous said...

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