Monday, March 29

Wow, has it been a week already?

How 'bout some fuzzy pictures to catch you up halfway?

Sarah bowling. She dressed herself.

Sarah eating a sandwich that was twice as tall as her mouth.

Honor's dainty efforts to eat her half of the same sandwich.
There is no way you'd catch her unlatching her jaw and shoving food in like a heathen.

Me! With my hair brushed and makeup on. Doesn't happen too often these days.

After these shots, came a trip to St. Louis for Dare 2 Share. This is an incredible program that helps encourage and equip kids to share their faith. Truly awesome weekend. Very heavy on my heart.

Now, the week begins with books to read, reviews to write, bedrooms to paint, and a house to clean. And Chuck to watch.

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Nezzy said...

Chuck??? Somethin' ya want to share or is he a secret? :o)

Great pics of all you gals! You so right, the girls do have VERY different eating habits! Suits their personalities.

Have a blessed day and love ya!

Andrea said...

Painting bedrooms, eh? At least you aren't painting hair. lol (Story is posted for your enjoyment.)

Love the pics! Sarah and Honor are too stinkin' cute. And, of course, you're as prettiful as ever. :)

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