Monday, April 12

Catching Up

Everyone is mostly well and I'm finally clearing pictures off of the camera.

Here is Honor at the Egg Hunt from last week.
For a minute there, it looked like we only took pictures of the baby, huh?

I give up on getting her to share a "natural" smile for the camera.
I don't think it's possible.

And I'm about to give up on finding dresses long enough to cover her spidery leggs.
The child is beginning to look like Elast-a-girl from the Incredibles.

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Nezzy said...

What not boy pirates or Spidermen in the trees scoutin' out treasures for the girls??? I'm sure hoping little Miss Mini-Me grows out of her mad monkey smile soon. Heehehehe!

Take care and have a great week! I have a dump truck load of mulch a-waitin'. Love ya :o)

Andrea said...

Your posts totally make me laugh! Honor's cheezy smile totally cracks me up. They all go through a cheezy smile time... and for some, it lasts way longer than others! LOL

As far as the spider legs... that girl does have some seriously long legs!! Leggings are in style now and would look really cute under that lil' stripey dress of hers. :)

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