Wednesday, April 7

Easter post-poned

Pictures of Sarah went up, but nothing on the rest of them? I promise that I do love all four of my children. We've had sick bugs going 'round, keeping us exhausted. Everyone is on the upswing now and I'll try catching up on photos soon. There aren't any pretty-pretty Easter pictures because we weren't very pretty-pretty on Sunday. I let the sick little girls wear their dresses to watch Dick Van Dyke reruns on Sunday, not for church, just because they had been looking forward to wearing them so much. But I did NOT take pictures of their scraggly selves for fear they'd one day return the favor.

Here's what I did get:

We managed to crank out Easter Eggs and Resurrection Cookies, though the Resurrection Cookies were undercooked again this year meaning it wasn't safe to share them with kids. Since I grew up eating raw eggs in cookie batter, I consider myself immune and inhaled the entire batch myself. You know, to protect the kids.

The Easter 'baskets' were a hit this year. The only sugar to be found was in the Reese's Eggs that I will be buying back from them later. We filled them with books and crafts and the kids LOVED them, declaring them the best baskets ever. Score!

The girls were looking forward to pretty dresses and kite-flying. Instead, they got breathing treatments and Mucinex. Neither one complained a bit. I was so impressed, because I'm pretty sure I did enough complaining for the both of them. Sarah had a blast just watching the boys fly kites through the window.

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Nezzy said...

Oh poor babies!!! Everyone healed up? You should let me know these things...maybe I could help. At the very least I too am immune to raw eggs in cookie dough. Heehehe!

Love ya and have a great day, sweetie!!!

Shanna said...

It never always get sick on holidays. :o(

I stole the sewing basket birthday idea from a Grandmother's Hope Chest Series book. It was a lot of fun!

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