Thursday, May 6


I love making things.  I love whipping up anything in the kitchen (as long as it has cream cheese.) I love crocheting baby blankets (as long as they don't require anything more than two stitches) and knitting socks (as long as no one actually has to wear them.)  Most of all, I love making pages and planners and forms.  I started making household organizers about 8 years ago for friends.  I had so much fun doing it and I had intended to try to sell them online at some point, but never got around to it.  I started making notebooking pages about 5 years ago for my kids.  We did timelines and biographies and geography pages.  I went so far as to create a website last year to host them...but never loaded them.  I wanted to finish designing the site first and...well, I still haven't finished.   Can we say "procrastination"?

The truth is, I feel a little guilty working on the website when my laundry is blocking my path to the washing machine.  My children have to eat frozen fish sticks so I can find time to doodle?  Has it come to this?  In reality, I've put off the fun stuff and STILL haven't found time to conquer Mount Wash-more.

The logical thing to read at this point would be a book on time management, right?

Yeah, that doesn't work for me.  I've read it, know it, and don't feel like it.  So instead, I'm reading a book to remind me of all the things by which I love being distracted.  This way, I can be inspired enough to MAKE time for those distractions.  I'll force my reluctant inner slob to take care of household responsibilities so I can have fun, guilt-free.  Genius of a plan, isn't it?

The book is called The Handmade Marketplace.  It's geared more toward your crafty, Etsy-type business, but I'm finding plenty that speaks to my market-niche as well.   If you are bored enough to be reading MY blog, then you'll have the privilege of reading me think "out loud" as I work through it.  Feel free to kick me in the rear if I start slacking.  I could use the accountability.

I've already admitted that I fed my kids fish sticks.  The honesty is quite liberating.

I didn't even give them a salad with it.... I just tossed overly-crispy fish sticks on a plate with blobs of ketchup.  Ketchup was the closest thing they had to a vegetable with that meal.


wedogmomma said...

WHy do you have to call me out for being 'bored??' I prefer to think I'm just stalling while my toenails dry ;)
I'm away...I may have to get a copy of that book before this is over!

Jenn said...

Hey, toenail polish is serious business. If you just jump right into working after you paint those nails, the polish gets dented up and all kinds of imperfections start showing. No, one needs to wait at least an hour after polishing before moving around.

And what a safer place to dry those toes than under a desk?? If you rest them on a coffee table, someone is liable to drop a book on them. If you sit at a regular chair, children will surely climb on them. No, the desk is definitely the safest choice.


p.s. my word verification is: "febawi". Anyone else hear the priest from Princess Bride saying February?

Nezzy said...

Heeehehe!!! You crack me up girl...Mt.Wash-More...good one!

This could be very interesting sweetie. :o)

Enjoy this fabulous day, love ya!

Cousin Carrie said...

Fish sticks with ketchup. Exactly what our boy had for dinner last night too. I did give him grapes to supplement...Does that get me more points?

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