Friday, May 7

Handmade Marketplace

Okay, here's the book I was talking about.  Assignment #1:

Why do I want to start selling my crafts?
I want to share the things I'm already making for my own family.  I'd love to help out another homeschool family with fun, helpful designs.

What are my monetary goals?
To pay for the yearly website fees.  Being $7 per month, that's not very much.  Being that most of my items listed will be for free, it seems like a bit more.

I'm probably supposed to come up with something more glamorous here.  Let's say, ideally, in my dream world....the website does so well that I am able to take my pages and inspiring speeches to Homeschooling Conferences, my husband quits his job and speaks with me, and we all live out of an RV every summer.  RV's eat a lot of gasoline.  This would be a very successful website.  A magical website, really, considering that it is all FREE.

What does my idea of success look like?  
My children are well fed, well clothed, and I haven't lost them in household clutter.  They all love learning and we spend our days in discovery and fellowship.  I'm also a snappy dresser in this dream and my shoes always match my outfit.

How will I know when I've achieved it?
Hopefully, my kids will arise and call me blessed at some point.  I keep waiting.

Do I have enough free time to devote to selling my work?
Yeah, about that.....

Do I have the tools I need at hand to begin selling what I make? 
Yes!  Until the batteries go dead in my mouse.  It'll take me a full day to find replacements.

Do I have a support system in place for taking on this venture?
My dear, geek of a husband is hugely encouraging and helpful.  And you're reading this, so there's that.

What are my biggest fears?
That a snake will eat me.  How is this relevant?

What excited me the most about starting a business?
The adoration of the fans.  The autograph requests.  The wild homeschooling-groupie parties.


Shanna said...

You can do it! You can do it!

Jennie C. said...

You are too funny. :-) My kids aren't rising up to call me blessed yet, either. And I milk a cow for them!

Nezzy said...

Geese Louise, is that the way it works. I'm old an still waitin' for my kiddos to call me blessed. Heeehehe!

You have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend sweetie! Love ya :o)

Handmade Furniture said...

You'd be surprised at the opportunities and the availability of online outlets for just about anything you're trying to sell. For me, it's handmade furniture, but there are sites out there for nearly any service or good you're looking to sell.

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