Wednesday, May 5

The Perfect Park Day

It's been a few weeks ago, but the kids and I made a trip to THE library and discovered a new favorite park. It was an idyllic day worth posting, even if it is a month late.

Joel with static.


Ethan brought his bike and explored the trails alone while I tried not to think of all the murder mystery movies I've seen that included isolated nature trails.

Miss Pretty in Pink.

Look closely at the background.  Do you see those round monkey bars?  The boys had an argument because Ethan was trying to help Joel climb INTO them but accidentally dropped him.  Joel wanted to see if he could fit in the center of the rings.  Who didn't see THAT ending badly?  My boys.  

Here is the tragedy of taking a month to share pictures.  When I took this, Honor had a beautiful made-up fairy tale story that she was acting out under this tree.  I don't remember it.  She has so many made-up fairy tale stories and they all start to blur together after a while.  Trust me though; it was cute.

The park had fun caves to explore.  

I bumped my head but good in this one.  The blondie in front of Honor was the new friend Honor picked up that day.  We have yet to go anywhere that Honor has not picked up a new friend.  Often, it is a "new best friend".  She rarely knows their names but they are best friends for the day...or at least the hour anyway.


Jessica said...
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Nezzy said...

No matter how long ago or where it was it looked like the perfect day for tellin' stories, climbing on monkey bars and spelunking.

Have a fun day...Love ya!!!

T.J. said...

what a fun time you had- these pictures are lovely!!

Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog :)I'm glad to have followed you back here. Your family is wonderful and I love love love your daughter's name, Honor :) I had a bit of time to stroll around your blog tonight and your drug awareness post had me laughing!!!

I'm hooked :) TJ

Andrea said...

Too fun!! I can totally see your boys trying to fit in those loops! LOL

The pic of the BFFs... Honor has a very cute smile there! :)

Jenn said...

Thanks, T.J.! I think I found yours from Christy's Mommy Brain blog? I loved it!

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