Tuesday, May 4

Random breakfasts

Chris often works evening shifts, so our main family time is usually breakfast.  We linger over dutch babies and coffee and then read our family devotions.  This morning's verse was 1 John 5:21: Little children, keep yourselves from idols.  Amen.  The first line of the devotion asked, "What's on your mind today?"   

Joel piped up, "Building an underground tunnel."

Ethan piped up, "His tunnel collapsing."

And they weren't kidding.  It had already been part of the morning's discussions.  I love having boys.  Never a dull moment.

Having read the devotion, Chris was knee deep in discussing it when Joel shouted, "CARDINAL!" (he had spied a bird through the window.)  Chris' eyebrows met for a moment before shouting back, "Pope!"  I shouted, "Bishop."  Sarah Grace, loving the randomness, shouted, "Crayons!"  When the next child shouted, "STEVE!"  we knew the devotion was over.

Kind of a shame, though.  The lesson was trying to tell us to stay away from things that keep us from thinking about God.  Even a to-do list can be an idol.  I'm not sure any of us walked away fully grasping that this morning.  Can random be an idol?  

1 comment:

Nezzy said...

Nothing like being distracted when your teaching about focus. Heeehehehe....STEVE!!! :o)

Have a great one Hon, love ya!!!

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