Friday, August 27

Millions of Peaches

A good day.  Really good day.  

It's the little things.

When I asked my 13 year old what he wanted me to request from Netflix, he said no to my offer for a guy movie we could watch after the girls went to bed.  No, he said, I don't want to leave them out.  Let's get something we can all watch together.

Joel, who thinks he hates Latin, has been using it more and more.  In his vocabulary quiz, I asked him to define the word "evoke".  "Evoke? I had that word? I don't know it."

wait for it....

"But in Latin, 'e' means out of and voco means I call, so.......'to call out'?"  

It's working! It's working!

On the inside, I nearly wet my pants with the glee this confirmation brought.  On the outside, I totally played it cool and just said, "Great job!"

Little thing #whatever: my laundry is caught up.

And then dinner.  [contented sigh]  I love dinner with my family.  Tonight, we lingered and lingered and lingered.  Discussions were primarily math related for some reason as Chris explained to the boys how to figure the area of a planet and how to make sure you build a house truly square.  That led to the Pythagorean Theorem, which Chris still has on the back of his hand because paper wasn't handy but a pen was, apparently. 

Dessert was a plate of fresh peaches dolloped with whipping cream.  This led to a lengthy discussion on how to pronounce "wh".  How about you? Do you say it /wip/ or /hwip/?  It also led to lots of singing which left the line Peaches for me stuck in my head.

And this led to a hwipped cream fight that left everyone white and sticky.  

It was a really good day.


granny janny said...

Sounds like a great time. How would Chris know how to make a house square. has he built anything?

Nezzy said...

I whip it so it's whipped cream. I had an aunt who called it wooped cream.

What??? No pics of ya'll covered in sweet fluffy white cream?

God bless and I'm off singin..." Millions of peaches, peaches for free, millions of peaches, peaches for free!" :o)

I know I have no self-control!

granny janny said...

This reminds me of the wisk or wisp conversations.

Jenn said...

wisp: a thin, light, delicate, or fibrous piece or strand, such as a streak of smoke or a lock of hair

wisk: the thingy you use to whip up fluffy food

He's built doghouses, gates, coaster cars, and tree houses. No houses that I know of but we've lived in enough non-squared houses to know it's important. :)

Shanna said...

Awww..homeschooling exactly the way it should be! Our second week went much better than the first as well.

BTW, definitely /wip/.

Sweet Tea said...

I could just see your sweet family gathered round the table having all that "sweet talk".
Picture perfect!

Andrea said...

I say "whipped" like "wh" in "whale". I can't envision it any other way.

granny janny said...

You know I am very proud of my son in law. He's a good man. You are blessed.

Heather said...

Oh, that sounds just lovely. A near-perfect homeschooling day!

/wip/ for us, too :)

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