Tuesday, October 12

New Shoe Running

In preparation for fall, I've been sorting through the girls' closet; weeding out the too-short, too-thin, and the too-ugly...all the while tripping over their cascading bins of shoes.  I finally sat the girls down and made them try on every pair of shoes to see what fit.  Once finished, Honor's bin was completely empty.  Sarah's wasn't much better.

Our only shoe option in Smallville is Wal-mart so we made a run to the city for little-girl-shoes.  They both walked out with pretty black mary-janes and new tennis shoes.  The tennis shoes were on their feet before we left the parking lot.  Being the sensitive guy that he is, my wonderful husband knew those feet were itching to break in the new shoes so he took us straight to the park to see how much faster they could run in their new shoes.

It's amazing how well new shoes improve running skills.

Sarah ran as if she were bouncing on the moon.  It was awesome.

She plowed over other kids in her enthusiasm.

She was like a cat ready to pounce!

She was stinkin' cute is what she was.

Honor was much more laid back.

But equally cute.

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Nezzy said...

Adorable!!! Are those just green lines or pics of Honor that aren't opening??? Just askin'.....

God bless and have a terrific evening :o)

Ginger said...

Oh - that Sarah is ADOREABLE!!! Love those running shots. We're busy purging around here too - It feels so good to get rid of stuff we don't use/need.

granny janny said...

So glad to see you back on here. I always love to see what you are up to. Thanks for sharing.

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