Wednesday, August 4

Tomorrow is another day

I've had big plans for this school year and so far, none of the plans have made it off the ground.  But it's hot and my freaky children are asking to start school.  So we've started.  But I hate jumping in unprepared.  Preparations have turned out to be much more than I ever imagined.  I thought I could casually create my own curriculum.  We've tried it all and nothing has been exactly what we wanted, so why not create my own and incorporate only the things we love?

Hello? Because it takes a lifetime of effort and interferes with my facebook time?

Something like that.

It really has been more of an ordeal than I could have imagined.  I've not given up, but I have started school before I the plans are completed....before all of the curriculum is even chosen, let alone outlined chronologically.

This week, we are focusing on archaeology.  Next week, we'll begin with Creation.  After that, Gilgamesh and the book of Job.  After that?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Well, probably not, but it couldn't be far off.

The problem is not in a lack of options.  The problem is the plethora of excellent material available.  I can't seem to narrow it down!  I started with Story of the World and Mystery of History.  I outlined them so they matched chronologically.  But then I realized how the Egermeier Story Bible fit in so well with the history lessons, so these were added as well.  Then there was the Greenleaf Guide, the Archaeology book, the Annals of History, Diana Waring, and the Kingfisher.  I now have a big honkin' spreadsheet with each of these added chronologically matching each other.  And yet...I think I want to use the high school version of Story of the World with my oldest.  Maybe some of My Father's World.  And Tanglewood for my 5th grader. This doesn't even begin to cover the boys' reading lists or the Guerber books waiting their turn.

But we've started anyway.  And each day will work itself out.  Each evening will be spent in frantic organizing efforts.  And my laundry will once again pile up on the couch instead of in our closets.


Jennie C. said...

I thought that, too, once upon a time, that since nothing was quite perfect, it would be better to just make our own curriculum. But honestly, we did LESS without that imperfect framework. :-) Now, I take a "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water" approach to our curriculum. I use what works from the plans and change what doesn't till it does. I've also learned - and only really just this summer, though my stack of unused materials has known it all along - that we can't use every good thing out there. We just can't. So we have to pick the best (for us) and just let the rest go.

Good luck, Jen.

Nezzy said...

I have no doubt that you'll pull it all together perfectly to fit each younguns needs perfectly. Don't ask....I just know these things girl.

God bless ya'll and have a fun day!!!

Andrea said...

You definately have more patience than I do. Or motivation. Or something.

I could NEVER create my own curriculum. Perhaps I'm just too lazy...

Jenn said...

You're definitely NOT lazy. I think it just means you have more sense than me! :D

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