Sunday, November 7

Catching Up #4

I am getting so slow at this. All these catch-ups originated in a great weekend with family/friends. I will eventually load all these pictures.

We visited Warsaw, which has the most incredible Autumn Festival I have ever seen. It was HUGE. HUGE, I tell you!

Starting with the craft tents....foods, yarns, woodworking, jewelry, soaps, EVERYTHING.

The girls snagged some hairclips and rings.

Amazing family.  This lovely gal is the beautiful Crazy Christian Chic.  You should follow her stuff.  Funny gal. Funny family.  Wonderful family.  We love them!  

This Festival boasts the best ham and beans I've ever had.  Ever.

Isn't this a good picture of Honor?

That's right, I was totally taking a picture of Honor.  Honest.

Churning butter outside a cabin wafting out scents of bread freshly baked with a woodstove. Yummmmmm.

My goofy kids.

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Ginger said...

I'm dying....Love that shot of Honor. Seriously ~ I was Laughing out loud!
churning butter - I just read that chapter to my #3 from Little House in the Big Woods, and I was wishing I could give it a try just to see how it works. Too bad we don't live closer.

Nezzy said...

I love your kiddos too!!! Ya have to shoot that Honor when she's not aware of the camera to get a great pic! I looked like ya'll had a great fun time!

God bless and have a super week sweetie!!!

Christy said...

OOOOooooo that picture of Honor, I mean, EEWWWWWW. Funnay!

Shanna said...

That's hilarious!

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