Monday, November 8

Catching Up #5

Did I mention that I love them?

Blacksmith.  But you probably knew that, huh?

Really big cows.

Really furry calves.

Honor giving a piggy-back-ride.

The girls in a one-room schoolhouse.  They loved writing on the slates.

I thought I was taking a video of the dancing.  It was priceless.  I nearly cried when I realized it was on the wrong setting.

Imagine banjo music here.

Leaving the festival, I fell in love with the pharmacy sign.

Boring drugs.  Maybe they're just not doing it right.

Matching dirty vans.  See that dent in the rear right of the van on the right.  The back hatch no longer opens.  This makes suitcase removal quite entertaining.  The carseats audibly laugh at us.

Well into our drive home, we spotted camels in a field beside the road.  I was able to snag a shot because we passed them twice.  Here is where we turned around because we realized we left our pillows.

But that's okay, because I'd failed to snag a picture of these awesome guys.  Truly an amazing family.

Thank you so much Christy!

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Nezzy said...

What a cool place to spend a weekend!


Have a great weekend Hon!

Christy said...

You are too much! Very sweet! James and I look goofy but I like it, lol. So glad you guys came!

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