Wednesday, November 17

Christmas idea

I'm working on a review right now for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  Since it isn't published yet, I can't reprint it here, but if you have kids and are unsure what to get them for Christmas, I have to at least jump in and say that you cannot go wrong buying something from  Everything I have tried from this store has been crazy-good quality and sooooo cute and fun.  My review for the magazine sounds a little more grown-up than this commentary, but take my word for it: good stuff! Some, but not all is available on Amazon.  Don't tell them, but my girls are getting the paper-doll game for Christmas.  They are going to love this!

1 comment:

Nezzy said...

There is an old song I used (still) sing called "Tell Me A Story"! Ya know take very little to set me off beltin' out a great tune. Heeehehe!

Oh, the girls are gonna love these!!!

Enjoy your day sweetie! :o)

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