Friday, December 17

Forever Younger

Overheard at breakfast:

Honor: Sarah, that song is getting old.

Chris (my dear husband): Your mom is getting old. (too much Napoleon Dynamite)

Honor: No she's not!

Chris: In fact, she's as old as I am now. (our birthdays overlap by 4 days)

Honor: Well, she doesn't look it.

Mama: Honor, I have chocolate for you on my desk.


Andrea said...


John and I have 3 months and 2 weeks of the year that we are the same age, before I have my birthday.

He constantly reminds me that I'm *so* old, so I constantly remind him that he is *so* gray! LOL

Nezzy said...

Girl, ya just can't be old...just think what that would make me!!!!

Honor is right..ya don't look it!
Just smack that Geek Son of mine...tomorrow he'll be the old one again!

Have a great evenin' Hon! :o)

BTW: Truffles = chocolate orgasm

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