Wednesday, December 15

Nightlight Giveaway!

Many years ago, I read in a parenting magazine that a study showed that children with nightlights in their bedrooms were more likely to be nearsighted as adults.  Being a new mom at the time (and very nearsighted,) I removed my son's nightlight. A short while later, the magazine printed a retraction, saying that the study had been reevaluated and instead showed that children with nightlights were more likely to have parents who were nearsighted and more likely to use nightlights to help them see their way at night....and genetically speaking, these children were more likely to become nearsighted as adults. The nightlights weren't to blame, just heredity.

Night lights don't take the blame for nearsightedness, but they have been shown to disrupt sleep patterns when they are too bright.  I have hunted for a gentle night light for years without much luck until running across the opportunity to review Purely Product's LED Healthy Night Light.  Prior to this, we managed to break many night lights and had given up and just used the closet light each night, with the closet doors mostly closed.  This, however, was expensive and made it difficult for the girls to fall asleep and to stay asleep.
All of the lights we tried before had been too bright and both of my girls were not sleeping well.  After a few days with the Healthy Night Light, their sleep rhythms adjusted back to normal and they now sleep fine.  The glow from the night light is very gentle, yet still lets them see just enough.  My girls are both big chickens and they require light at night, not just to find their way to the bathroom, but so that they can always be certain they can see any monsters that might try to hide in their room. As soft as this night light is, I was surprised they never complained that it wasn't bright enough. The few LED's I had tried before were deemed too dark.

Now, a gentle light is a great feature, but it is not the key element that this boasts of.  This night light is also a mini air purifier.  This little device is able to purify a room up to 12 ft x 12 ft.   It is an ionizer that also helps people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) The device is always at work, even when the night light isn't in use, so air is constantly being purified. So, to recap:

#1 It's LED, so the light doesn't affect sleep patterns too badly and is crazy-cheap to use.  Pennies per year.

#2 It's LED, so it will not need to be replaced until at least 35,000 hours of lighting.

#3 It's LED, so there is no fear of it becoming hot and burning fingers; It is always cool to the touch.

#4 It cleans the air! The built in ionizer releases negative ions which removes dust mites, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, smoke, and other airborne allergens.

#5 We've had it for months and haven't broken it yet, so it is apparently tougher than every other night light we've tried.

#6...I hadn't mentioned this part yet, but another favorite feature of mine is that it automatically shuts on and off so I never have to worry about wasting the bulb or electricity by forgetting to turn it off.  The girls love watching every night as I turn out their bedroom light.  Every single night, they sit up with silly grins and watch the nightlight turn on as the rest of their room is instantly dark.  It only takes about 2 seconds, but the light seems to slowly spread out as if it is a living thing waking up to stand guard. They love it.

I had already fallen in love with Purely Products website before this review and this product is no different.  Purely Product offers a 100% Happy 2 year warranty, unconditionally guaranteeing the night light for 2 years.

One Healthy Night Light costs $19.95 and I think this is well priced.  The average LED night light runs $10.00.  Your average air purifier runs...a lot more than that.  For an even better deal, you can buy a 2-pack of Healthy Night Lights for $29.95, equivalent to buying one and getting one half off.  Also, from now until Christmas, you can get free shipping!

I am amazed by Purely Products' generosity in their business practices. On top of the warranties, deals, and shipping offers, a significant portion of every Purely Products purchase benefits diaperlove - a non profit organization that provides diapers to children in need.

I need to mention that I had on strange thing happen with my night light.  The wall behind the nightlight ended up with a smudge of dust collected above the device.  The smudge was about 4 inches in diameter and showed up after a couple days of using the light.  After this one occurrence, it never happened again.  I have no idea what made it happen, but it wiped off easily enough.* you want one?  Enter a drawing for one Healthy Night Light by clicking "Like" on Purely Product's Facebook page and then leaving a comment here telling me that you did so (and sharing a way for me to contact you.)  The drawing will end on Monday.

*edited to explain: the manufacturer has informed me that the smudge on my wall was a build-up of the particles being filtered. Apparently, their bedroom had plenty to filter out. After that initial presenting, it didn't happen again. I periodically wipe off the bristles at the top of the nightlight just in case.


Ginger said...

How cool! I liked it, enter me please! You know how to find me. ;)

Patricia said...

What a laugh out loud GREAT review! Can just see your daughter's silly grins watching it turn on. Just loved it. But let me tell you what the smudge behind the Healthy Night Light was - the residue from the ionizer cleaning the air! Wipe it up and you know your daughters' room is cleaner of allergens and dust! Isn't that fabulous! Thank you for this marvelous review!

Nezzy said...

Back in the day, (I'm kinds long in tooth ya know) I just used colored Christmas tree bulbs) in regular night lights. Yellow or orange seemed to work the best.

Hey, do I need to make the girls a can of Monster Spray??? Did ya know ya'll can just spray those monsters away??? Heeehehehe!

Have a great day and loads of fun with your giveaway. Pass me up girl and leave the light for those with littles in their homes.

Love ya!!! :o)

BTW: The truffles look amazin'...I haven't tasted 'em though.

Cousin Carrie said...

Just have to say - how could you come up with that much to write on a Night light? too funny...

Snow said...

I'd love to win. Please enter me to this giveaway :)

Nicole said...

I would love to have one of these for my daughters room.
Thanks for the chance
Nicole Hatch

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