Sunday, January 2

52 Books in 2011

I did a pitiful job of keeping track last year and I really missed having a running list of books I had read.  Starting again this year, I will keep track of my book list with short reviews of each.  I will just keep reusing this same post and adding to it with my latest-read on the top.

So far, I have nothing finished for this year, but lots on the nightstand.

My goals are to include the following:
  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Faith
  • Homemaking
  • Freakin' Long Classic
  • Biography
  • Pure Fun Fluff 

And at least one from each of the following authors:
The boys are studying the Greeks this month, so I should have no trouble finding a big honkin' classic to scratch off my list.

What is on your list? Do you have any recommendations for books to add to my list?


Andrea said...

A book a week? Seriously?! I read a lot, but I don't think I could accomplish a book a week!

I like Christian Fiction. I've read everything by Beverly Lewis and Karen Kingsbury. The "Abram's Daughters" series (Lewis) is awesome. I also really enjoy the "Love Comes Softly" series by Jeanette Oke.

Tomorrow I'll be starting my 3rd book in a Lori Wick series, that will be my first read of 2011 - minus the Bible, of course! :)

Happy Reading!!

Jennie C. said...

I'm with Andrea. I don't hope for more than a book a month. :-)

I'm actually working through our own bookshelves, which I have stocked with most excellent literature for children. I read and loved The Virginian, which is not a kiddie read but was purchased for a 9th grade history student. She gave it rave reviews, too. And I'm right now reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts, which is really good, too. Orthodoxy is loaded onto my kindle and ready to go when I finish with this one.

Willa Cather is one of my favorite authors. My Antonia is seared in my memory forever, and I just read O Pioneers! and have several more of her stories on the shelf ready to go. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith was excellent and I recently read another of hers, Joy In The Morning, and liked it very well.

Jenn said...

I bet you'd be surprised, both of you! I didn't think I could do it until I started keeping track year before last and I was surprised how many I was already reading, I thought it was closer to one per month.

Andrea, I loved all of those, but I have to limit my Karen Kingsbury because I cry too much when I read hers. Have you tried Lynn Austin? I think you'd really like her stuff. The Gods and Kings series is on my favorites list.

Jennie, I have never read ANY of these...adding them to my list. Thanks!

Jenni said...

I need to make a list and stop just browsing the new books shelf at the library for pretty covers. That really backfired on me at least once last year, and I can't stop a book once I start it. Good luck on Wulf the Saxon. I know homeschoolers tend to love Henty, and I really did try, but I find his writing to incredibly dry. Remember what I said about not being able to quit a book once I start? Yeah, I almost quit on a Henty. Then again, I've had people tell me they couldn't finish books I really loved. (Wait, one of them was you! LOL!) It's a good thing there are enough books and kinds of books out there for each of us.

There are a few specific books I know I will be reading this year. Temple Grandin has several books on autism that I think will be good and her mother wrote a book as wrote a book as well. Last year I read Look Me in the Eye (Asperger's) and Let Me Hear Your Voice (excellent book from the perspective of a parent with two children who recovered from autism).

Jenn said...

East of Eden! Agh! It still haunts me. I need to add to this year's list so that I can perhaps exorcise it.

I detest Henty. But his stuff does have some great history and I'm planning on doing audio books with the boys this year. Let someone else read it to me. I tried The Cat of Bubastes three times and HATED it every time.

Jenn said...

Let Me Hear Your Voice was an awesome book. I bought copies to share.

Nezzy said...

Your stack is as tall as your go girl!

Happy readin'! :o)

Have a wonderfully blessed evening sweetie!!!

Cousin Carrie said...

Got a Kindle for Christmas, but can't say that I could be as strong as you and tackle 52 books in a year!

In fact, I'm still on the book I bought on it the night I got it:)

I have to admit though I have already downloaded the free edition of Pride and Prejudice and Little Women, and have started Little Women.

I've already downloaded the pre-order of Richard Paul Evans new book which comes out in April, and the new Maeve Binchy book which comes out in March (both chick-lit, but very favorite authors). This way they'll pop into the Kindle they day that they are released.

Any other tips you can offer on when you find time to read are greatly appreciated:)

I have to admit that drive to Missouri is a great one for books on tape as we discovered this fall!

Good luck with all of your books. And enjoy it. I think you first instilled one of my favorite authors when you turned me on to Victoria Holt and the Bride of Pendorric many, many, many years ago!! After that I read all of her books while on the school bus.

Christy said...

Oooooo, I'd like to try this challenge, we will see what happens. For fiction try Robert Whitlow, i've read "Jimmy" and "Mountain Top" by him. I love christian fiction but am wanting to read some different kinds of things. And I can't suggest enough "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan, I am going to read "Forgotten God: Reversing our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit" next.

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