Monday, January 24

Days # something, something, and something

We were gone for a week and doubling up on school and dealing with sick kiddos and.....well, I'm all out of jumble with the 21 days project. I AM completing it, but apparently not in order and certainly not on time, which I suppose negates the 21 days part of the project.

Well, here's that linen closet. We don't use it much.

It holds tablecloths, sheets, extra household items that I catch on sale, and a box of travel toys that I collect throughout the year. The box is not here (travelling, remember?) but there's a spot for it.

I put the extras in a bin. It felt nice. Now I want more bins.

Here (this is really bad) is the top of my dresser. It's especially bad because it was clean not 3 days before.  That's how we roll.
 It holds a coffee cup (always,) random Christmas ornaments that we find long after decorations are in the attic, mismatched socks, half-unpacked travel items, and cards from Honor. These items are nearly always on our dresser...year round.

In an effort to keep us from dumping stuff on there, I've placed my yarn basket. It's big, not wholly unnattractive, and will hopefully occupy enough space to deter us from mindlessly cluttering up the dresser quite as quickly. I just need to be sure that there is always enough yarn in the basket to prevent the lid from closing. If the lid closes, it will become the next available surface for dumping stuff.

And now, my shame of shames.  Let me preface by explaining that the fridge is very old.  It was a gift from my parents when they replaced it with a new fridge.  I randomly find pieces of refrigerator on the kitchen floor and cannot find where they came from.  Things break off of it rather frequently.  The bottom right drawer refused to go on another day.  The fridge has seen a very rough life.

My wonderful Sis-in-Law is renovating her kitchen and is generously giving us her old fridge, which is actually rather new.  They have already purchased their new appliances and are just waiting for the kitchen to be finished.  Knowing that a new fridge is soon-coming has removed any desire on my part to make this one look nice.  I've given up on it just as it has given up on me.

In addition to this, I hate grocery shopping.  I refuse to go more than once a week.  So we stock up to feed 6 people for a week.  And we eat a lot of fried rice. Lots.  So yes, it's crammed.  It will always be crammed.

I have no idea why there is Pepsi in there.  We don't do that.  We drink it, but we don't buy it for the house. If it's in the house, I drink it.  That's not a good thing.  It doesn't come home with us.  Also, we don't do juice much either, but we have a house full of sick kids.

Here's the after.  I took everything out and scrubbed it.  I didn't bleach or sterilize because that would imply I cared.  I do not.  My heart has moved on to my new, beautiful fridge.  Sorry, old fridge.  You let yourself go and I lost all respect for you.

I just shared my disgusting housekeeping habits on the internet.  Have you lost all respect for me?

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Nezzy said...

Never darlin'...ya can get more in a 'fridge than anyone I know. Mine is just sooo darn small...and 38 years old. Oops, did I say that out loud???

God bless ya and have a super day sweetie!!! :o)

Andrea said...

ROFL! I could never stop liking you! You just gave me an awesome morning chuckle! :) Your poor fridge... so unloved... and needs to be retired... *grin*

Cousin Carrie said...

I actually am in pure admiration!

You are much braver than I to put a photo up of your fridge. My bad spot would be my desk area too. With basement renovations the desk area has been collecting EVERYTHING! I will not be sharing a picture of it soon either.

So proud of your organizing/cleaning endeavors. Wish I could be that motivated today.

Christy said...

I'm waiting for the laundry room....that's my big Uh-Oh and under the sink. I clean it once in a, sometime, but it just ends up a mess again.

Teena in Toronto said...

Good job!

Happy blogoversary :)

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