Tuesday, April 19

Another day, another finger

Thursday night, while cooking supper, I sliced the tip of my finger with my Pampered Chef Mandolin.  With one clean stroke, a chunk of my finger was suddenly in my pan of potatoes.

Go ahead and laugh.  I know. Two fingers in one week. Poster child for Pampered chef sales. Heard it.

We're blessed with a neighbor who is an EMT. He came over immediately and said there was nothing left to stitch and that we just needed to bandage it and keep it clean.

By Friday night, it was still bleeding and our EMT neighbor was at work. We're also blessed with another neighbor who is a former corpsman.  He checked it out and agreed there was nothing anyone could do for it and that we just needed to keep changing the dressing and keeping it clean.  And that's where it got sticky. Literally.  Each time we pulled the bandage off, it was attached to the attempted clot and we were, essentially, debriding the wound.  The pain of exposed nerves is manageable.  The pain of debriding...not so much.   Saturday afternoon's dressing change had me close to passing out, so we headed to urgent care in hope of some help.

And the doctor said....there's nothing we can do.  Keep doing what you're doing. But use a different bandage.  They introduced us to the beauty that is Telfa.  If you ever find yourself with a laceration, I highly recommend Telfa.  It doesn't stick to wounds! The nurse told me that it would be my new best friend.  I'm not sure even she knew what she was saying though.  She just really wanted out of that room.  When the gal sent in to clean your wound turns green, it must be bad. Everyone else got a good chuckle out of my Pampered chef woes. Stitches on one hand, seeping wound on the other.  Hilarious.

So here we are, where we started.  But with Telfa.  And a Tetanus shot. The doctor said I can't do anything with my hand for 2-3 weeks. It will continue to bleed easily for while.  He also said that i will never have a fingerprint on that finger again and that I could pull off crimes if I was careful to use only that finger.  So there's a bright side.


Jennie C. said...

You might want to consider another line of work. :-)

Jennie C. said...

PS: You're not pregnant, are you? I always find I'm more accident prone when I'm pregnant.

Cousin Carrie said...

Wow! Rough week. Maybe you should let the kids handle the knives for a while. Might be safer:) Okay...maybe not.

Nezzy said...

I just hurt for ya every time I think of your recent mishaps.

From now on, we'll just keep the sharp objects outta your reach!

I'm thinkin' I can relinquish my title of the most accident prone person in the family to you. :o)

Take care! {{{SIGH}}}

Andrea said...

That Pampered Chef stuff is really having its way with you! I think they need to come up with a new company name, because you are FAR from being pampered, at the moment!

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