Thursday, April 28

Bogart Family Resources....and a Giveaway!

There are numerous articles and books that preach the merits of teaching students with copywork. Knowing how important this skill is, I have attempted to incorporate it with all of my children.  However, I was always too cheap to purchase a workbook about copywork and tried to make my own to correspond with whatever topic we were studying.  Unfortunately, I have great ideas and terrible follow-through.  I'm afraid my boys missed out on a lot of copywork opportunities thanks to my cheap nature.  Thankfully, my girls won't have to wait for mom to invent a page.  Bogart Family Resources offers many copywork ebooks for me to choose from and they are amazingly inexpensive, under $5! And I can print and reprint and reprint as needed for each child.

Bogart Family Resources has many excellent titles, featuring the four most popular handwriting styles available: Zaner Bloser, D'Nealian, Handwriting Without Tears, and Getty Dubay Italic. Each title includes ample descriptions and guidance for parents and a plethora of pages of quality copywork.  These beautiful copywork pages also include nostalgic drawings in black and white. My daughters love to color these with their lessons.

The title Copying the Basics is an excellent resource to help children master the basics.  It is written for younger students and is intended to help reinforce their writing skills while working on other skills as well, such as the books of the Bible, the months of the year, and Roman numerals.

The Bogart Family books also include a series of "Copying the Classics", withmany amazing titles to choose from.  These books focus on building Christian character. From this series, I chose McGuffey's Eclectic Primer to help reinforce our phonics lessons while doing copywork. It makes a great resource for students just beginning to write. 

For a refresher course in cursive writing for my older boys, I chose from their series "Copying the Poems" and printed The Voice of Spring.  This book includes three complete poems and four scripture verses that reference spring.  The poems are broken into lesson-sized portions and include The Voice of Spring, Nest Eggs, and Daffodils.

Bogart Family Resources also offer a free ebook available entitled "What About Penmanship". This free book helps parents choose what penmanship methods best fit their student's needs. To download this free book, visit their free downloads page at

Did I mention the part about the free book?
In addition to this freebie, everyone who signs up for their mailing list receive a gift certificate for $5.00.  Since  all of their titles run between $2.95 and $4.95, this means another free copywork book!

And finally, the Giveaway!  One reader will be chosen from the comments section to receive a free copywork book of their choice.  To enter, visit the Bogart Family Resources website and choose which copybook you would most like to win.  The giveaway drawing will be held May 9th.  Follow them on Facebook for another chance to win (mention this in your comments.)

This is a MamaBuzz review.  The product was provided by Bogart Family Resources for review purposes.


Jennie C. said...

Don't enter me in the drawing, but do tell how your poor fingers are doing.

Nezzy said...

Wonderful review n the resources. If I won I would give it to you so I guess that puts us both out, huh? Heeehehe!

God bless and enjoy your day sweeite! :o)

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