Monday, April 4

Morning Manna

Every year, Chris and I attempt a read-the-bible-in-a-year marathon.  The marathon for us has become, how long can we actually keep at it.  April seems to be record, but we'll hopefully push through the hump this year and be able to finish.  We're both behind already, but have decided to not stress over the end-date.  There's nothing shameful about reading-the-bible-in-a-year-and-a-half.  

I have found a devotional book to accompany my readings that I really like.  It is called Morning Manna and I love to wrap up my morning reading with this devotion book.  It does NOT have to accompany a bible-in-a-year reading.  The devotions can be pick up and go, completely independent of any other study.  But they are shared in a chronological order, beginning with Genesis and ending in Revelation.

Each devotion is dated, with February having 28 days so you will have an extra day some years.  A portion of the bible is referenced, such as today's listing of 1 Samuel 16-17, but the devotion focuses on only 1-2 verses from those chapters.  Today, it focused on 1 Samuel 17:37 and expounded on the story of David facing the giant.  Three lessons are drawn from it: The Lesson of Deliverance, The Lesson of Confidence, and the Lesson of Commission.  Each lesson is also tagged with topics which are indexed in the back.  In this way, you can look for specific devotions on topics you are interested in studying, such as depression, shame, tithing, etc.

The devotion is also available for the Kindle, but I love pulling out this book, with its buttery-soft cover, and holding it in hand. And after reading through these Old Testament stories so many times, this devotion seems to breath new life into stories that I sometimes rush through with too much familiarity.  It's beautiful.

*This book was given to me for review purposes.  All opinions shared are my own.


Nezzy said...

Right on girl...nothin' wrong with takin' your time reading through the Bible. Kudos to you!!!

Don't ya just love a good devotional book???

God bless and have a great day sweeite!!!

Andrea said...

I'm reading the Bible in a year too. I'm behind too! I've been catching up, though, because I read while giving Tiny Pumpkin her middle-of-the-night feedings. I can read one day's worth at each feeding, and with her waking 2 to 3 times each night, I'll be caught up in no time! :)

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