Tuesday, July 26

Year of Whoa or Woe?

(drafted a month ago)

As I sit down and rest after giving a little girl a breathing treatment and re-wrapping a little boys' stitched up toes, I have to ponder and I have to share.

Last year, we experienced an amazing year of watching God's hands move intimately in our lives. He rescued us in incredible ways. It was a year of "Whoa!" This year, I can't believe it is nearly July already. We've been busy and distracted since New Year's Eve. Our plans are half-started and our initiative is half-hearted. In the meantime, we've been experiencing what our friends keep referring to as "quite a time." But the funny thing is, it hasn't felt like a struggle. We didn't really even notice it being out of the ordinary until people started commenting and telling us they were praying for us. I attribute our obliviousness to those prayers.

I couldn't begin to tell you our little "woes", especially because none of them were terribly serious. The more sobering trials we've had recently include both girls coming down with pneumonia, Joel and I having massive head-colds, Chris having Bells Palsy, and Joel slicing his foot open. Ethan, the poor patient soul, has been serving us all with such a loving heart.

The pneumonia lingered with Sarah and left her prone to frequent asthma attacks. One of these attacks sent us to the Emergency Room where we discovered that she had bronchitis. We've seen the ER a few too many times this year. Any scrap of savings we had has gone to doctor bills.

And yet, we didn't go through the typical where-are-you-God? moments that generally come with these adventures. I'm not sure why. We have in the past. This didn't feel like any kind of spiritual attack. It just....was.

And now? I'm a bit weary, but not discouraged. I'm really not. I am so thankful for the prayers that have lifted us up this year. I am so thankful for a God Who is patient and gracious. He is my Strength and my Song.

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Andrea said...

You all have had a really rough go of it! It seems like when one thing happens, a landslide starts into more and more. I hope you are all feeling well!

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