Tuesday, November 15

Math for Turkeys

I love fall! This is my favorite season. The colors are incredible. The smells are amazing. The food is fabulous. We're adding in some fall crafts to jazz up the regular school work. We'll be breaking for Christmas School very soon, so this week is mostly review. Here are our review turkeys:

The girls really do have their math facts down pretty well, but the project was too fun not to do. I quizzed them on their facts and any problem that took more than a second to answer, I had them write down.

Honor was very precise with her turkey.

Sarah, not so much. She took such slow, deliberate care when placing each piece, but not much care in determining where she would place each piece. I used to be too OCD to handle it, but now I love watching them do it their own way. Sarah has great handwriting, but I fear her 9's and 7's will always be backwards.

All in all, it was a fun, fast math lesson.

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Andrea said...

Cute activity! I love how they put their own little twist on things like that - even though the perfectionist in us wants to straighten a feather or two. :)

Nezzy said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!

A real turkey's tail feathers are kinda stacked like Sara's version.

Just sayin'....

Have a fun day sweetie!

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