Tuesday, November 8

Scarf frenzy

Rather than knit mates to last week's sock frenzy, I moved on to scarves this week. This is the only one I've finished, but I was anxious to get it ready to mail. It's a gift for my sister and I'm hoping there's a chance I'll actually get it to her ON her birthday, rather than a month later. Because I'm a grown-up like that.

So here's the hot pink scarf, though the picture doesn't show that very well. It's a modified faggot stitch. Don't laugh; it's a real name and it dates back much farther than the current definition of the word.

White Trash Lacy Scarf Pattern:
Using size 11 needles, Cast on 15.
K2, *YO, K2Tog*
Repeat * to* until one stitch left. K last stitch.
Continue until scarf reaches thighs while wrapped once.

With J hook,
There are six "rows" in this pattern. You'll create scallops with 6 Dbl Crochets in each row.
At edge, slip stitch in to start thread.
6 DC. Slst into the dividing knit row, 6DC into next row. Continue to end to create 6 scallops. Tie off and you're finished!

If you don't crochet, Begin scarf with 3-5 garter stitch rows before beginning faggot stitch pattern to create an edge.


Christy said...

Actually, I think the original definition of "faggot" is a bundle of sticks.

Andrea said...

Cute scarf! Cute kid too! :)

Neha said...

That color is great, in fact one of my favorites. And that's a real neat scarf!

Nezzy said...

You're talkin' Russian to me 'cause I don't crochet anymore but oh my goodness glory, how cute is your little model???

I swear that girl cannot take a bad pic. I adore the scarf...what a magnificent job!

Have a great day sweetie!!! :o)

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