Tuesday, June 12

Summer Loving....Girls' favorites

Growing up with big brothers, my girls don't generally grab the girliest of girl books. They love their fair share of Fancy Nancy and Gigi. But they have both recently embraced chapter books and boy chapter books are what line our shelves. I'm very happy with that arrangement. While the library has a huge selection of books directed towards girls, they seem to fall into two categories: American history fiction or sorcery. We aren't studying either at the moment, so I continue to nudge them toward the picture books while at the library. Here are my girls' more recent favorites from home:

Secret Agent Dingledor and his trusty dog, Splat

Anything by Bill Myers is funny. And you can also count on his material including a good character lesson or two.

Encyclopedia Brown Solves Them All

My girls are reading the old Weekly Reader Children's Book Club version. Do you remember those from your childhood? I flip through it and give a good sniff every now and then. It still smells like a school library. I love it.

Stuart Little

They don't even realize there is a movie version yet. They are going to be thrilled.

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe series
We listened to the series via Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre CD's during roadtrips. My girls, 6 & 8, started reading them for the summer and are loving the books. They truly are excellent books in so many ways. They challenge me, make me cry, and make me think. A word of caution: The Last Battle ends with some controversial theology that really should be previewed and discussed.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

We've read several versions of this book and loved them all, but this version has been declared the favorite. And apparently, it is out of print. But if you can find it at your library, my girls insist you'll love it.

We all love the illustrations in a version by Marianna Mayer, but this includes a curse in the storyline and it creeped the girls out a bit. Thankfully, this was limited to a single two-page spread, which I was able to glue together. This 2nd version is illustrated by Kinuko Craft. Anything by K. Craft will be beautiful and magical.

I was afraid I'd be struggling to find good books for the girls until Honor received a wonderful gift for her 7th birthday. Grandma Muzzy gave her an adapted version of The Secret Garden and it was instant love. Since then we've found many classic treasures through Dalmation Press and Great Illustrated Classics.

This is the pretty version we have, but apparently it isn't available anymore. There are plenty of others, also by Dalmatian Press though, even if they aren't quite as pretty on the out side. Other favorites:

These are their 2012 favorites. Do your girls have any favorites?

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