Wednesday, June 13

Summer Lovin'....Mama's favorites

I love reading. If Chris works late, it's a book night for me. If I get up early enough, I love snuggling in bed and reading. Sometimes this leads to very late starts in the day though, so I try not to do it very much. Summer means sitting in the yard with the kids and reading while they climb trees and dig holes. If I have a rough day, Chris encourages me to take a hot bath with my kindle, knowing I'll be in the tub for a good hour.

I have the memory of a gnat, so I'm not even going to try to tell you everything I've enjoyed reading this year. I also have a terrible time making up my mind, so I will not tell you my favorite books of all time. Recent enjoyable reads that come to mind are the best I can give you. But maybe you're hunting for a good read and will appreciate them.


This book is the reason my list won't be very long. I've spent over a month on this book and still haven't finished. But it is an incredible book that I highly recommend. It tells so much more than the story of this amazing young man. It paints a picture of Germany after WWI and the steps that allowed it to compromise to the point of WWII. I've always wondered how the people could have allowed the Nazis to ever gain power and I understand a bit better now. It's almost frightening to think of how easy it would be for it to happen here, too.


Another biography about another incredible man. Louis Zamperini was an Olympic runner, within reach of setting a record 4 minute mile...until Pearl Harbor. Instead, he set a completely different kind of record, lost at sea. It's an impossible story that you can't put down. The author truly makes you feel as if you knew Louis.

Hunger Games

I mentioned this on  the boys' page, but I really enjoyed the series myself. I thought it was a beautiful picture of character in Peeta, not so much in the main character. Peeta is the kind of young man I'm raising my boys to be.  It was a fun trilogy to read. It had been a while since I stayed up late to finish a book I couldn't put down and I enjoyed it.

Harry Potter

I can't believe I'm going to admit I read this. But it's a series I really did enjoy this year. I only read the first five, so I can't vouch for the last two books. I also can't recommend it for children. I was reading it to preview for the boys. In all honesty, the magic didn't bother me. The rebellious disrespect bothered me terribly. Harry and his friend Ron detest Hermione at the beginning of the book, being quite rude to her, because she does her homework and obeys instructions. When she finally lies to a teacher, they decide maybe she isn't so bad. Every book's catastrophe could have been prevented if Harry had told his headmaster what was going on or simply obeyed instructions.If he had been honest. But it never happens. Truly, the books seem to encourage the reader to agree that authority does not deserve respect. If you have a child that is perhaps 10 or more and you plan to read and discuss with them, it could be enjoyable. But I wouldn't recommend handing them to a child to read with your stamp of approval.

The Complete Sherlock Holmes

This was actually a read from last year, but it is a must-read. My 12 year old is reading it and loving it now. I didn't realize before last year that it consists of many short stories as well as a few novels. I probably should not admit that my kindle stayed in my bathroom while I was reading this book, huh?  Sir Arthur was one amazing author.

Pride and Prejudice

I try to always fit in an Austen book. This year is Pride and Prejudice and it had actually been a while for me.  I doubt I'll ever get tired of it. The characters are old friends. This annotated edition offers lots of extra goodies and background information.

Any other recommendations for me to add to my list?


Shanna said...

I'm loving all of your book suggestions and pinning them! Thanks!

Andrea said...

Hmm, I don't know. It seems like you read totally different kinds of books than I do! I usually stay within the Christian fiction genre. I'm currently reading "Loving" by Karen Kingsbury, which is the 4th in her Bailey Flanigan series.

Christy Hoagland said...

You have to read "The Help"! instead of just watching the stinky old movie :P

Jenn said...

The Help! I forgot about that one! Adding it to the list.

Andrea, I only read Christian fiction up until a couple years ago, after I did my first "52 book" challenge. Looking back at my list of novels, I realized that most of them fell into the Christian Romance category. It's been harder and harder to find Christian fiction that isn't romance and it's just not a good thing for me. I still enjoy some, but I have to be careful.

Lynn Austin is a favorite Christian fiction author though. Have you read hers?

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