Tuesday, July 17

Da Do Run Run

We've been running.

And Running and Running and Running.

Last week was VBS at our church. This year, I co-directed with a dear friend and we had a blast. It all wrapped up on Sunday. Now we have the massive VBS clean-up and the precious home-visits before calling this year's VBS done.

Once that is finished, it'll be time to pack for a mission trip as we take the same VBS program on the road to an inner-city apartment complex. I'm very excited, but I'm dreading being away from my family for a whole week.

Once THAT is finished, it's time to dive deep into school preparations. I'll spend the month of August planning for our next school year. I'm very excited about it. Crazy-giddy excited. The school supplies are on sale and I've already started stocking up on Staples' $0.01 notebooks and crayons and such. I have a shelf where all of the books we'll tackle are piling up nicely. My biggest problem is always finding enough time to do all of the amazing things there are to study.

I have several more reviews to come and then I'll share a glimpse of our homeschooling life. Until then, LAUNDRY!

1 comment:

Shanna said...

Praying for your mission trip. That's a great idea to recreate the same vbs.

I'm with you on the school supplies. I was so excited to buy $9 worth of 10 cent gluesticks. 90 gluesticks!!!!! Wonderful!

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