Monday, December 31

Bye-bye 2012!

No time for reflecting, let's move it people! Every year around this time, I sit down with my pen and paper and hammer out a list of all of those noble things I desperately want to do. I have lofty goals and I desire them desperately....and yet, I never come anywhere close to reaching them. In fact, very little changes around here. I start out feeling like this:

And yet, I end up acting like this:

This year, I don't feel excited and motivated. I feel like I have no choice. How could I have time for anything else? For what else was I put on earth, but to serve God; and that, primarily through serving my family? I don't feel noble; I feel determined. I don't feel guilty and morose from my lack of success in the past. This isn't because I don't deserve it, but because I've spent enough time doing that already and spending my energy on self-flagellation isn't getting me any closer to my goal. Being more wretched doesn't make me more holy. Enough of that; let's move along now. On the same token, having admirable goals and lofty dreams doesn't make me a more noble person. It gives me an impressive to-do list. I need an impressive done list. Today, the tree goes down and life goes up. We get down to business starting....NOW!
I'm going to use this checklist and keep it handy in my Bible. 

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Dy said...

Oh, Jenn, you hit on some really great themes, here, but now I have Dory quotes running through my head and I can't stop smiling. Here's to an amazing year ahead (and we get to find out what the Lord has planned!)

It's usually a good thing He doesn't give me more of a heads up...

Happy New Year!

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