Sunday, January 6

Blech, blechity, blech, blech

The Harrison is house is currently a sick-house. All of those grand New Year's plans ended up flat on the couch with Netflix and a box of kleenex. Lesson plans have been replaced with netti pots. Paleo menus have been replaced with Ramen. Theology books replaced with Youth Fiction. Brains replaced with snot.

The girls have spent the last few days in their bedroom, playing with Playmobil. (Thank you, Lord, for Playmobil!) while the boys and I have spent our days mouth-breathing on the couches in our pajamas. This is day 4 for these pajamas. I really should go change.

I've been praying that the girls don't get this bug. They both have asthma and have done their share of emergency room visits for what should have been "just a cold". Honor surprised us last night by coming down with a completely different bug. She came to my bed at midnight with a fever. I let her ride it out several hours until it was obvious she wasn't going to get any rest. One sip of tea and she threw up. But she kept down a dissolving tylenol dose and stayed up the rest of the night watching Veggie Tales. (Oh, the many all night veggie tale marathons we've had with this child!)

She finally fell asleep at 5:30. I stayed up to see Chris off to work and went to bed at 6:30. Honor was WIDE AWAKE and staring at me at 7:30. She is feeling much better, but neither of us can sleep for some bizarre reason. It's time for some Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and then a little chicken soup.

1 comment:

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Uck, a heck~of~a way to spend a Sunday.

Ya'll take care and heal up.

Let me know if I can do anything.

God bless :o)

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