Monday, January 7

Game Changer

I've shared about  before, but it has just gotten bigger and better and it's changing stuff around here. Even in the midst of our latest, nasty crud, we've been able to mostly keep up with the program and the house hasn't fallen apart, even with my dear husband working overtime and unable to help us out.

I've used it in the past with great success, but we've had plenty of printer trouble through the last couple years and I kept forgetting to print the pages out. Even then, there were a few things I wanted to change. I had extra tasks that I wanted to add, but didn't want to write in every day. I also didn't need all of the tasks on their list; we didn't have a dog at the time, so "feed pets" was superfluous.

But, as I said, Motivated Moms have improved upon their previous awesome-ness and reached new heights of amazing. The printable pages are as incredible as they ever were:

But now, they have an app. They have an app! 

Chris won an ipad last year and it has been a favorite toy. We just have the cheapest of the cheap cell phones, so no phone app for us. But Motivated Moms on the ipad is incredible! I can color code tasks to assign them to different family members. I can add in new tasks, such as tidy desk, balance, checkbook, and work on lesson plans. I can change the frequency that some tasks show up. Summing it up: I can make it fit me perfectly. And it does. 

It's easy to use; baby steps all the way. Such tiny things, but they free you up and inspire you to tackle other things. Before you know it, everyone has drawers full of clean underwear and you can always find a coffee mug. As a friend aptly put it: It's a game changer. 

If you are in need of getting your act together, I'm telling you, I've tried every book on the market and out of print. THIS works. If you are NOT in need of getting your act together: A. You don't need this and 2. Don't tell me about it. I will concede right now that you rock. I rock in other ways. Housekeeping does not come naturally to me. Making pajama pants look good for 4 days comes very natural to me. 

To clarify:
1. I'm sharing this because I'm opinionated, not because of any compensation. I am a motivated moms affiliate, which means, I will receive roughly $1 if you purchase anything from them. 

B. I did bathe during those 4 days. Multiple times per day, because it melted the snot in my head. I just put my comfy pants back on when I was finished. I don't want anyone thinking I was smelly while rocking those fleece p.j.s. 


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Every chick's gotta have a plan and it looks like you've found a great tool there.

Me?? Lips sealed...ya'll know how twisted I am in this area. Shhhhhh....only silence comin' from me here...mums the word! Heeehehehe!!!

God bless and have a great day!

Sendin' feelin' better hugs your way. :o)

Andrea said...

WHAT?! You're telling me it's NOT okay to wear pj pants all day every day? Say it isn't so!!

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