Tuesday, January 15

Two weeks of snot

TWO WEEKS of this! Can you believe it? There was only one week spent on the couch. This past week has been a slow-moving week, without any sense of smell (food is tasting funny) and limited hearing. It's fun stuff, let me tell ya.

Monday was our first official day back to school. It's taking some work to find our groove. Again. But we love what we're doing (lots of Ambleside Online stuff) and we will get there.

I'll share some more on what we're using soon. Also, we've been on a massive reading kick (not much to do while stranded on the couch) so I'll be sharing our recent favorite books.

What have you started doing, reading, eating, listening to this year that you are loving? I realize January is almost over, but it's just starting on a conscious level for me, so I'd love to hear about your new year!


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Woohoo....YOUR ALIVE!!! :o)

Two weeks of snot...nasty!

God bless and fell better sweetie.


Andrea said...

Well, as far as reading - the Bible, as always, and I'm currently reading a book about "youth entitlement". I thought I'd be saving some time by putting together a photo book online, but then I lost it, so that was a wasted afternoon. Oh, and I'm in to crocheting hats. Just call me "The Mad Hatter!"

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