Monday, January 21

Book Journal

For Christmas, I received my first book journal. I had never even heard of a book journal before this, but now I'm pretty sure I will always have one. I LOVE this thing! I sat down during the quiet days following Christmas and filled out books read, books I want to read, books I loved as a kid, and more. I saved adding books in until I read my first book of January 2013.

I have always had the boys log the books they read throughout the school year and didn't think they'd be interested in logging more information than title, author, date. I thought they would sniff at adding in even more details, but they insisted that they really wanted to have their own journals, just like mine. I offered them simpler versions, but they really liked this one.

I knew the girls would love having one, since they consume more books than water. I purchased a younger version for them.
It is an absolute hit. They get to rate their books and do little extra activities and illustrations. They have lists about their favorite books and their parents' childhood favorites. They get to rewrite endings and lots of little things. Also, the bottom corner of each page is perforated so that, as they fill out each page of the book with books they've read, their bookworm gets to "eat" a page out of the journal. At the very beginning, they get to name their bookworm and illustrate their own bookworm picture. Very fun!

The girls have both moved up to deeper reading and longer chapter books, so their journals are getting filled verrrrrrry slowly. But, oh! the wonderful things it is getting filled with! I am loving our reading selections this semester!

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Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh, I can see how the girls would love their own book journal! How cute!!!

Me...I have a garden journal, OCFD (obsessive compulsive flower disorder) 'Probably doesn't surprise ya at all does it? :o)

God bless and enjoy your journal and your day!!!

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