Tuesday, April 4

Hard Habit To Break

Ironic that the album cover strongly resembles chocolate, huh?

I'm doing okay. I haven't hurt anyone. Well, I've snapped a bit. But for the most part, I'm able to realize that anything coming out of my mouth is only going to be trouble and I can actually STOP myself before I open it.

I'm skipping the WTMbook club discussion. I didn't like Last Child in the Woods.
In all fairness, I didn't give it much of a chance. I opened it and tried to read it, but all I saw was "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah". Yes, kids need to be outside more. "How to prevent nature-deficit disorder?" Um, send 'em outside??? I agree with what the author has to say. And that is why I didn't enjoy it. I don't have time to nod and smile. My reading time is precious to me and I want to save it for books I like. Please forgive my rant if you liked this book. I'm a recovering addict. Throw me some slack. There are probably many books that will inspire me and stretch MY mind, whereas the same books might make you say "well, duh!" To each his own.

Wow, I think my brain is being affected more than I thought. I just proofed this and ran across some scary mistakes: through instead of throw & too instead of to. Can I blame the splenda?

The other time that I did this, I also cut out all grain and all fruit (ala south beach) and it worked great. My sugar addiction was fully broke by day 4. I can tell a difference (no shaking today) but it is not as drastic of an improvement as the last time. I've read that a strong sugar addiction is a symptom of a yeast imbalance in the gut, which can cause allergies, headaches, fatigue, forgetfulness..... Having 4 kids is known to cause the same symptoms though. That's why sugar is so nice to have around. Self-medicating.

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Anonymous said...

I dunno about blaming the Splenda for all that, but I have to cut it out too when I go on one of my crazy sugar fasts. I just don't get the relief I want otherwise.

Hang in there. If it helps, you've inspired me to start weaning. If I'm going to do it, I have to do it now while I still have a husband around to talk me down off the roof.

And, I won't proceed with my plan to post sugary pictures on my blog to make you crack, since you just seem to be tryin' so hard. ;)

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