Friday, December 22

I'm a freaky weirdo

I love to wrap presents. I find it peaceful and relaxing. I get excited thinking about dressing up a package. It takes me back to those days as a kid, when I stared at the packages under the tree wondering which was mine, hoping the sparkly one would have my name on it. As I got older, I eventually learned that pretty wrappings can be deceptive and that even gorgeous paper can conceal lemon-scented candles from the dollar store. But I still like to make packages pretty.

Here's a tutorial (this buds for you, Deb:)

1.Gather supplies
Good paper (the thicker the better,) sharp scissors, Matte Finish Magic Tape, and sheer ribbon with NO wires. Wired edges are a booger.

2. Measure your paper lengthwise
Set your box on the edge of the paper and then roll it across the paper until you are sure every side will be covered lengthwise.

3. Measure your paper widthwise and cut!
Set your box on the paper and pull your paper up until it reaches the top edge of your box, as shown, and cut the other side. Pulling the paper to cover one whole edge ensures that, once cut, it will come halfway up the side when you go to folding edges later. This is important because awkward wrapping usually occurs because of too much paper, not too little. It really is easier to patch in a piece if you cut too much than it is to squish and fold and try working around too much paper. But you're not going to have to patch anything. This is going to work, honest!

4. Fold it over
Here's a Martha Stewart trick. Rather than folding it all toward the middle and taping it, fold it right along the edge of the box. This way, the seam virtually disappears once taped. It sounds funny, but it's awesome. Try it.

5. Fold in the sides
Just fold them in flush with the box and smooth out the triangles flaps that are formed.

6. Fold in the flaps, but don't tape it!
Rather than taping it, fold it all together as shown and then roll the box so that the side you've just folded is flat on the ground. This way, there is no gapping or sliding with finished product.

7. Repeat with the other side

8. But this time you can tape it
Then roll it over and tape the first side.

9. Tie a sheer ribbon around the box and make your X
You're better off buying your ribbon in the fabric dept. and having it cut. Buying it by the spool costs around $0.50 per yard and buying it by the yard costs about $0.30 per yard. And it always takes more than you think it will. Better too much than too little.

10. Bring the ends of your ribbon around to the other side Now tie it like it's a pair of tennis shoes. To make it extra pretty (not shown,) cut another length of ribbon and tie a second bow over the first bow. The sheer ribbon is so light and fluffy, it makes a gorgeous bow.

A few months ago, I incorporated this tutorial into my Sunday School lesson, teaching our youth girls how to wrap presents. We were studying Proverbs and discussing "heed my instructions, oh son" and what a mess we can have when we fail to follow instructions. If you skip the whole measuring thing, you get a messy end-result. The same can be said for our lives. The decisions we make really do have an impact on who we become. Sometimes following the Bible's instructions doesn't seem fair to us. Sometimes it doesn't sound fun. Sometimes it doesn't seem important. But God put instructions in their for our benefit. Patience? Self-control? Ugh. But we are always becoming the person we're going to be. Yes, even at 31, I am still becoming who I'm supposed to be. Newsflash: it won't happen this lifetime. Yet I'm still trying. When it's all said and done, I don't want to be the package with patches covering bare spots or extra paper wadded up and tucked under. I'm better off to read those instructions (because you can't obey 'em if you don't know what they are) and then follow them.

It was fun. I love object lessons. They are so much easier for me to remember.


Anonymous said...

I really like how you made that into a bible lesson for the kids! Neat.


P.S. Thanks for FINALLY updating your blog...about time, woman. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to ask...why isn't wire ribbon ok? I used wire for all my presents this year and it was great.

C :)

Jenn said...

For me, it's harder to make wire bows look pretty. Wire doesn't like me. And even if I can get the bow looking nice, it doesn't survive the trip to Grandma's house very well. If the bows get bent at all, they have to be re-fluffed and I can't ever get it to look right again.

Plus, it's cheaper. And you know how cheap I am :)

Debra in TX said...

I'm printin' this, yo! ;)

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