Monday, January 29

Groundhog Day is coming

Here's a fun site: with plenty of kids' activities.

Tomorrow, we're going to graph Phil's predictions through the years. For a list of past predictions, visit This Site. I made a blank bar chart to fill in and it can be found at formidable forms. For blank graph paper, this is an easy site for printing your own.

I've had the kids do a little nonsense work every morning to start school. We call it Wacky Work. Each night, I put a little maze or worksheet in their folder. Sometimes it's the first clue to a scavenger hunt. Sometimes it's a note telling them to go play a file folder game. Or to go make a file folder game of their own. It's mosty useless, but they have fun and it keeps 'em on their toes. Nonsense word searches are about the only thing I remember from elementary school. For the next few days, Phil the Groundhog will keep their Wacky Work Folders well-stocked.

And while I'm sure you already knew it, that's not my picture up there. The link takes you to the original. It almost makes the nasty rodent look cute, huh?


Christy said...

Thank you for the link! Laura Grace will be really excited. I am searching for things to keep her busy while she is sick :)

Jennifer said...

Oh Jenn,
You sound like the perfect school mom (even in your sleep deprevation!). You make sure your kids have fun and that's so important! Good job!

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