Monday, February 12

I'm just not qualified!

I don't have what it takes to be a judge. Chili cook-off's, dessert contests, talent competitions.....I am not qualified. There are only a few entries in Friday's contest and I have been biting my nails over this all day! Jennie C. does NOT win (thank you Jennie for making that one easy on me.) Her purse is so cute and tidy, I'd be confident eating any crumb that came out of it. It was downright inspiring. I don't need to publicly humiliate myself to find inspiration to clean. I just need to come spend a weekend with you! Some of the other purses sounded (like mine) that they could provide a whole meal of crumbs - lol. Actually, they all looked very nice.

I called Chris in to help me decide and he said Jennifer, hands down....because that purse is hideous. lol. But I like it! And that's not a reason! "No, really," he said, 'there are cherries on her wallet. She should win." I like the cherries! And it looks pretty clean to me..... I don't know.

I'm so torn.

I want Christy to win because she was brave enough to mention "unmentionables" in her list. You go girl!

I want Andie to win because....that purse was ugly. But in a good way! It's ugly in the kind of way that makes every teenage girl on the planet say "OOH! I love your PURSE!" And the prize (a cute billfold) matches your purse, Andie. Also, the library receipt matches mine. And I really want to send you a new notebook, too. I feel your pain. I borrowed a spider man notebook.

But the winner is Debra. Deb, you had me at hello. Er, I mean, you had me at "leopard print." Empty almond bag, old church bulletins, socks...and my favorite: 2" wad of receipts from a quick purse cleanup. This sounds like me. What if it had not been a "quick" cleanup? What if it had a thorough cleaning? Would there be more? This was reassuring for me. You win. But can I send Andie the billfold? We'll get you some soap or something. You've got the shea-butter, so you must like Amy's stuff already. I keep hearing such good things, I'm going to have to try some someday!


Jennifer said...

Ah man....see I guess I didn't realize that this was a "contest". I definetely would have won if I had pulled out all my trash, crumbs, wrappers, etc!
I would have had yours and Chris' vote!

Gosh, I haven't heard anyone say how hideous and gaudy it is. I have never had a purse before where so many people have stopped and asked me where I got it or how cute it is! It's made me carry it longer than I would have (the handles make me want to ditch it!), because, well, it's just flattering to get compliments! LOL

Well, I'm taking my purse, proudly....or maybe a little less proudly, under my arm, and walking away! :0)

Jennie C. said...

I can't believe I was out of the running so quickly! ;-) Ask for a picture of behind my toilet, or my laundry room, or my bedroom closet. I can be messy! Honest! You're just not looking in the right places!

Christy said...

Please don't ask to look behind our toilets!!! It just dawned on me that I don't think I ever have myself.... ;) ha ha.

Jenn said...



No toilets.

I'm just not ready to tackle that one yet. Nor my coat closet. Not yet. Someday. Someday far away. To see it means to face it which is supposed to mean fix it. I only half-fixed my diaper bag. Lol- I grabbed a few essentials out of my old one and tossed them into my old marykay sales rep bag. It might as well see some use somehow. Voila! Clean bag. Of course, the old one is still grimey, but I'm getting there.

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