Saturday, April 21

What strange apparition approacheth?

While laying Sarah down for a nap, I spied a strange blob on the wall of the hallway.

Wait! It's a Gingerbread Man!

Hmmm...someone ate his arms and legs?

Now the appendages are back and he's Walking Like An Egyptian?

No, it's my darling dancing Butterfly Princess Ballerina, admiring herself.

She tried so hard to entertain herself while Mama laid sis down.

But sis liked the show and refused to sleep.

Of course, the flash of the camera probably wasn't helping her much either.

Hey, here's a prayer request for you: I'm leaving for a Homeschooling Conference in 5 days and my youngest hasn't learned how to sleep yet! She's nearly weaned. We're down to once a day. But I'm going to feel bad leaving Daddy with a sleep-fighting baby. Not bad enough to stay home, but bad.


Jenni said...

Hey, whatever doesn't kill him will only make him stronger, right?:oD That baby sure looks a lot like her Daddy!

Jennie C. said...

Have fun! I left Meg for one night when she was not-quite-weaned and she had no trouble at all. I, on the other hand, came home three times larger than I left.

jennifer said...

As the third of 4 jen(jenni,jennifer, jenn or jennies) what possible more can I add? Cute... sweet and fun. I love kids! I pray that you have safe travels.
Jennifer from Sunny New Mexico

The Only Non Jennifer Born in '73 said...

Oh, Jenn, she's gotten so big!

She'll be fine. He'll be fine. I am qualified to say that after my recent child-abandoning trip, you know.

AND, wisdom gained when a snowstorm kept me away (overnight instead of all day as planned) years ago: Pack a bigger bra and maybe a pump. Don't shake your head and say "she only nurses once a day, I don't need to worry!" like I did or else you too may find yourself crying and nearly poached in a hot shower in a motel trying to manually express milk.

And, um, have fun! ;)

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