Sunday, August 10

Old Schoolhouse Magazine Giveaway

You may have noticed that I've been a bit giddy, enjoying the recent blog giveaway extravaganza. You can imagine then, how giddy I was when I found out that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine was giving me a free subscription to their Digital Magazine to share in my own giveaway!

Let me briefly explain what we're talking about here before getting down to the nitty-gritty details of winning. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is a respected resource for helpful and informative homeschool support. I have enjoyed it for years. However, I've always thought it would be so cool if I could just click on all of those websites instead of writing them down. I settled down to enjoy my magazine with a notebook and a pen beside me. Many pages were folded down and sections circled with a Sharpie marker to help me find them later. Thankfully, someone had the brilliant idea of creating a digital version of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I LOVE it. It shares the same inspiring photographs and excellent content with the added benefit of being able to click on whatever subject appeals to me. I can continue to read the magazine, while opening up other windows to pursue as well.

If you aren't familiar with how awesome this magazine is, go take a spin with their free sample issue of last summer's magazine.

If you'd rather just have a subscription without the hassle of joining the contest, visit The Schoolhouse Store to purchase yours for $16.95 and you'll also receive 19 free downloadable resources.

I am so excited to get to bless someone with this magazine! So here's all you have to do:

Leave a comment with a link to your blog or with your email address so that I can contact you if you win the drawing. Easy, huh?

To get your name added to the pot a 2nd time, blog about this contest and share a link with me in the comment section.

To get your name added a third time, download the FREE Digital Summer '07 Back Issue and email me to tell me one of the four C's in the Strategy for Success listed on page 104. I'll give you a hint: it starts with a "C".

The contest will close Friday, August 15th, at midnight.

Shhh...don't tell any of the other contestants....but I hope you win.

The lovely Shanna, of Learning At His Feet, is hosting the exact same contest. So to really increase your odds, be sure to sign up at her blog as well!


molytail said...

Hi! I saw your thread on WTM about your contest and came to see! :-)

I'd love to enter a chance - it sounds like an interesting (digital) magazine. :-)

molytail at gmail dot com ;-)

Shanna said...

lol...I'm running the same contest at my blog! I'll put a link on my post so that any one who visits me can see your contest too. Have fun!

Classical Circus said...

Oh, me! Pick Me!!! Me, I tell, you, me!

(hey, you didn't say it had to be a tactful comment ;o))

I'll post a link on my blog for two entries :oD.

jan said...

This looks like a very handy magazin.

Anonymous said...

I would like to do a grandparents teaching day, one day a month.

saved1112 said...

I checked out your blog after reading your response on WTM forums mentioning Cross Pointe Camp... sounds great! Thanks! I put this on my blog and will go check find out a "C"... The digital version of this magazine sounds delightful!! Thanks!

saved1112 said...

Here's my blog entry to add my name a 2nd time...

Hope that works.

flower said...

This is wonderful--would love to win

Wendy said...

My husband and I have been wanting a subscription to TOS for a while now, but who wouldn't love to get it for free?!? Thanks for the chance to win something we could really use!

barefootmomlady at gmail dot com

Tina said...

Thanks for deciding to gift someone with your extra subscription! Didn't know they had a digital version!

Stephanie said...

So cool, I signed up at Shanna's, and now see you are doing the giveaway also :) I loved TOS when I used to subscribe - Will post a link here from my blog in a few..

PS Thanks for the comments about Sadie, She was like one of our children, I miss her a lot.

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