Tuesday, October 21


I just found a new and gently-used book site called Homeschool Library Builder and they are having a $1.00 sale. I've just spent the last hour perusing their site and I must say...I'm impressed! They specialize in collecting quality literature and they offer their books at a great price. I just purchased Betsy-Tacy, Mr. Revere and I, George Washington's Breakfast, Homesick, and I Wonder Where Butterflies Go in Winter for a total of $8.00 (I picked a couple up from the $2.00 bin.) The shipping was very reasonable at $4.50. $12.50 for books I already had on my shopping list!

The part that has me excited about this site is that you get to earn free books. It works kind of like Scholastic does for teachers, if you've ever dealt with that. You earn a point for each dollar you spend. So tonight, I earned 8 points from my purchase. 15 points equals $1.00 worth of free books. If you are stocking up on your literature for the school year, this could quickly add up to a lot more dollars worth of free books.

Also, since I just shared a link to their website, I just earned 75 free points. That's $5.00 worth of free books! And if you tell them I sent you, they'll give me another 45 points....an extra $3.00 worth of free books.

Did I mention there are free books involved?

Did I mention how much my husband hates building bookshelves?

They also offer Fundraisers and have assembled free unit study links. Not just your typical book seller site.

If you can resist browsing in a $1.00 book bin, you are a stronger woman than I. I would need a 12-step program before reaching that level of self-control.

I was directed to this great website through participation in the TOS crew.....bringing me even closer in friendship with my wonderful mailman....

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RichandMarsha said...

Thanks for the link! Books are always a hit with us; free books just puts it over the top! I really like your blog template. Would you mind giving me pointers on how to change templates? :)

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