Thursday, October 23

My baby had a birthday

She practiced and practiced positioning those fingers just right. There was no way she was going to speak actual words if someone asked her how old she was. She had to be prepared.

She requested a ladybug themed birthday. Honor has always been our Butterfly and Sarah has always been our Ladybug. I thought it was cute that she even cared what theme we had.

She loved her presents.
We finished off the day with her first on-stage appearance. She started PeeWee Pirate choir a couple months ago and she has been so excited about getting on stage to sing about Jesus! She didn't sing more than 3 words the whole time, but she was awfully cute! And no, my children are not dressed for the stage. We didn't realize THIS was the Sunday they performed until about 5 minutes before it was time to be on stage. You work with what you've got.
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Shanna said...

Oh! She is adorable! She would get along well with my Haleigh (she's 3 too).

Did you make that cake? Too cute!

I'm glad you can comment, now. :)

Nicole said...

Just ask any 3 year old how old they are. They will almost always hold up their fingers instead of saying the word "three". I read that somewhere and find that it's very true.

Jessica said...

she is so adorable! luke will occasionally hold up some fingers when asked how old he is. he'll only do it with the thumb out too, like he's too cool to hold up just the one.

"i'm one, baby, what's it to ya?"

RichandMarsha said...

She is the star of the Pee Wee Pirate choir. Aaargh matey!

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