Wednesday, November 18

The Quest for Thunder Mountain

Ethan has been reading an amazing new series written by Ed Dunlop. If you are the parent of a young teen, you understand how difficult it is to find quality books that aren't of a dark nature. I was thrilled to find a series that was inviting to the imagination as well as encouraging to the soul. The story follows Gavin, a young man in the land of Terrestria, as he sets out on a journey to Mount Thelema to discover King Emmanuel's will for his life. He encounters both friends and foes on his quest and not all are as they seem.

There is much to take to heart in this book, the first in the Tales From Terrestria series. When Sir Wisdom challenges Gavin to seek His Majesty's plan, he admonishes him, "...the King reveals his will to be obeyed, but not to be considered. You cannot ask His Majesty to show you his plan so that you can consider whether or not you will follow it. Emmanuel will reveal his will for you when you are ready to obey it with all your heart."

When Delight assists them on their journey, she wistfully says, "Oh, that Emmanuel's children could see the banquet they are missing when they scramble for the scraps and crumbs of their own happiness, rather than yielding to the will of their King and enjoying his bounty!"

Later, Tabitha explains why she has chosen to live simply rather than in a fine house: "I am known as the happiest woman in this city...I want the people to know that my great happiness comes from serving my King, not from any possessions that I might own. Were I to live in a grand house...perhaps they would misunderstand the source of my great joy."

The book contains many excellent thoughts for any adult to chew on, yet is presented in an exciting adventure story very accessible to young readers.

My only regret with the books is that they are short and do not delve deeply into character development and background information. Because of this, though, it is well suited for the majority of this generation growing up in a microwave-minute world. These would make an excellent gift for any 8-12 year old. But if they could be expounded, the series could fit in well with any bookshelf containing Lord of the Rings or Pilgrim's Progress.

The authors did not write these book for any literary applause. Rather, these books were written as sa ministry. From the Dunlop Ministries website:

The Terrestria Chronicles allegory series was written with a three-fold purpose: to honor Jesus Christ as King, to challenge young readers to love and serve Him, and to teach them to guard their hearts for Him. The focus of the series is always on the King.

The series is truly a labor of love from an amazing couple. Sadly, Ed's wife Janice passed away recently, though her vision for this ministry is still deeply felt. Dunlop ministries takes very seriously the honorable burden of reaching the lost, particularly children. I am excited to give them my business.

You may also be interested in another series by Ed Dunlop, available as free downloads. The Jed Cartwright Adventure series features two siblings in the 1860's that are orphaned and struggling to stay together.

This series was a gift from Dunlop Ministries with the understanding that I would share my thoughts about it through Mamabuzz. I am blessed and thankful to have had the opportunity to do so.

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