Friday, November 20

Ultimate Cloth

I am so worried about this sounding like a hyper info-mercial. You know the kind.."and tell them what else it does, Jenn!" But you know I'm sincere or you wouldn't be reading me, right? And you know, when I don't like something (like large noses) I come out and say so, right? So trust me on this review.

I don't get excited about cleaning products. It's not that I'm a slob, but tidiness just isn't at the top of my priority list. I love having a clean home, but I love having a loving home first. The clean part can wait. There just doesn't seem to be the time to clean as deeply as I'd like and I have unique cleaning problems, like washing footprints off my walls. My child can stand upside down on the walls now. I appreciate things that allow me to clean quickly and easily. For a long time, I've used the Magic Eraser. It cleans many things with minimal scrubbing. But it wears a thin layer of paint off of my walls and cabinets. Also, it makes me nervous, wondering what sort of residue I'm leaving behind.

I was sent an Ultimate Cloth to try out and review. When I opened the package, I was a little worried. It looked like a large square of homemade paper. I was afraid that it would disintegrate when I got it wet. However, it turned out to be quite mighty the moment I soaked it in hot water.

I started it on one of the more gentle recommendations on the list: bathroom mirrors. Mine are splattered with toothpaste every week and look terrible. Washing them involves smudging dry toothpaste into streaks before eventually polishing them all off. Within 3 seconds flat, my mirror was clean and streak free. My jaw hung open. I progressed to windows. Just as fast. I cleaned switchplates and walls and was excited to see zero paint transfer and knew that I would never need another magic eraser. I moved on to greasy stovetops and cupboard doors. While oatmeal off the table, I noticed some all over my daughter's sleeve. I used the ultimate cloth on her shirt and the food disappeared like magic. Clothing? I tried carpets. It took out stains and didn't shred my cloth up at all. The thing has a 5 year warranty and I pushed it to the limits. I used it on my cast iron pans!

My ultimate, most absolutely disgusting story in using my Ultimate Cloth is the one involving my refrigerator. While I was sick, my husband took a roast out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to thaw but forgot to put a plate under it. Three days later, I discovered blood all over the fridge. Cold, congealed, solid blood cemented to my refrigerator. Blech. I didn't want to contaminate my Ultimate Cloth (to which I've quickly become attached) with blood, so I pulled out paper towels and chemical cleaners. I scrubbed what I could, but nastiness persisted and I finally gave in and pulled out my Ultimate Cloth. Within seconds, the nasty solidified blood was cleaned. Gone.

There are no chemicals in this cloth, it simply absorbs dirt. You can toss it in the washing machine. You can bleach it to disinfect it. It washes out easily in the sink with soap and water. I went from washing bacon grease, to sink, and then to windows without any greasy streaks. It's gentle enough to use on glasses and camera lenses, but tough enough to tackle my house's real needs.

I am buying these for Christmas presents. I told my husband I want several more in my own stocking for Christmas. I would love to have several around the house: one to hit the nasty kitchen stuff, one to hit the polishing, one to live in the car, one for the bathroom, and one to travel with me in my purse. I don't need more than one cloth, but it would be very convenient. At the moment, white is the only color available, but I would love to see different colors that I could delegate to different purposes. I would definitely prefer a darker color for kitchen clean-ups. Enchilada sauce has left a bit of an orange stain on mine, though not bad, and certainly not bad enough to inhibit its cleaning abilities.

It's not the most exciting sounding gift request, but my husband is just happy to see me excited about cleaning.

Ultimate Cloths are $6.00 apiece or 2 for $10.00. There are price breaks for larger orders as well. With a 5 year guarantee and no need for cleaning chemicals, this is truly an amazing deal. BUT! If you'd like a FREE one, all you have to do is "follow" Ultimate Cloth on Twitter or Facebook and they will send you one!


Andrea said...

Hot diggity! That thing sounds awesome! I'm not a fan of bigtime cleaning either! I only have one thing left to say...


Christy said...

okay. you have saved my house. :)

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